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Swim Team

River Road Swim Team

To join the River Road Swim Team, your swimmer will need to be able to swim two of the four competitive strokes (typically freestyle and backstroke) unassisted for at least two lengths of the pool (50 yards).  The swimmer’s skill level and ability will be assessed by the coaching staff during a scheduled tryout. Please contact Leia Matern 541-461-7777 or to schedule tryouts. 
Swimmers of all abilities will compete against others of their own age/gender.  Swimmers are required to be registered with Oregon and USA Swimming. For more information visit our website,

Junior Otters
Ages 6-12 Prerequisite: Must have completed Salmon or be proficient with front crawl with side breathing, back crawl 25yds and an introduction to breaststroke. Instruction of stroke mechanics, competitive starts, turns, relay exchanges, and workouts. 
MWF    4-5p    $50 monthly

Intermediate Group
Ages 8-13+ Placement is done after a skill assessment by the coaching staff.  Ongoing emphasis on stroke mechanics for all four competitive strokes, endurance, and teamwork will be the highlights of this group. Regular sanctioned meets will be scheduled throughout the season.  
M-F    4-6p    $60 monthly 

Seniors Group
Prerequisite: Swimmer must be proficient in all four competitive strokes, turns and starts (as defined by USA Swimming rules).  This group will focus on endurance, through structured workouts. Teamwork is also a major part of the Senior Group.  All swimmers registering for this group MUST be registered with USA Swimming. This will be included in the registration process.  
M-F    4-6p    $75 monthly


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Stop by Global Delights Thursday afternoons between 1-5p to help support the River Road Swim Team.  10% of all proceeds go directly to the team.

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