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In-district residents may begin walk-in registration Wednesday, 4/19 at 10a. Phone and online registration will begin at 1p. 

Out-of-district residents may begin walk-in registration Thursday, 4/20 at 10a. Phone and online registration will begin at 1p. 

The Titanic Experience in Cottage Grove
April 15th is the 111th anniversary of the Titanic ship sinking. The Titanic was a luxury British steamship that sank in the early hours of April 15, 1912 after striking an iceberg, leading to the deaths of more than 1,500 passengers and crew. Marion Wright Woolcott survived and made her way to Cottage Grove. Today we will hear her remarkable story and enjoy the Cottage Grove Museum’s great exhibit and tour. We will also enjoy lunch at a local Cottage Grove restaurant. Your cost includes: transportation, museum and lunch.  
4/1    Sa    11a-3p    $58

Crab Feed
The Crab Feed & Wooden Boat Show on the Oregon coast in Depoe Bay is our destination and crab is what we’ll get. Enjoy local, succulent crab and watch master craftsmen build and show off their wooden boats. Your cost includes: transportation, crab feed, and boat show.  
4/15    Sa    8:30a-6:30p    $59

Wolf Creek ~ Inn, Tavern & Ghost Town
The Wolf Creek Inn was built along the Applegate Trail in 1883 for Henry Smith, a local entrepreneur. It is the oldest continuously operating inn in the Pacific Northwest. The tavern and inn are still in operation and that’s where we are headed today for a guided tour and lunch. We’ll also stop in Golden for a guided tour of the ghost town. Your cost includes: transportation, tours and lunch.  
4/28    F    9a-5p    $72

Broadway Rose ~ Dinner & Theater
Time to make our way up to Portland for some good dinner and theater. Broadway Rose is one of our favorite venues, for good reason. “Auditions from Hell” is what’s playing. It’s a comedy with some heartwarming glimpses into the highs and lows of show business. We’ll have dinner after the show at a a local Portland restaurant. Get ready for some good grub, an amazing show and a fun time. Your cost includes: transportation, show and dinner.  
5/5    F    2:45-11:30p    $99         


Heceta Lighthouse Brunch 
Today, we are in for a treat. This amazing 7 course brunch will be hosted in the Keeper’s Home at Heceta Head Lighthouse, in Yachats. This is a unique opportunity to enjoy wonderful food, incredible views and great conversation . Michelle Korgan, the current owner and chef, hand selects produce from local farms and clips herbs from the Keeper’s culinary garden. She personally collects seafood from the local dock and procures artisan cheese, bread, and sausage from local purveyors. So, as you can see, we are definitely in for a treat. Get ready! Your cost includes: transportation and brunch. 
5/10    W    9:30a-4:30p    $109

LCC Renaissance Room
The renaissance room is LCC’s on-campus student operated restaurant. Today we’re headed to campus where they are offering the finest and freshest Pacific Northwest and international delicacies. This course offers valuable restaurant experience for culinary students in a real-time laboratory setting. Good food and a fun time is in your future. You cost includes: transportation and lunch. 
5/17    W    11:30a-2p    $30

Socializing with Salem
Are you ready? We are heading up to Center 50+ in Salem for a tour, lunch and some bingo. Get ready to meet and have fun with folks from Salem. We’ll show them how we do things when we shout out BINGO and win big cash prizes. Your cost includes: transportation, tour, lunch and bingo. 
5/25    Th    9:30a-4:30p    $40    

Cowboy Dinner
The Cowboy Dinner Tree is in the gateway to southeastern Oregon. If you take a map of Oregon and fold it on half, they are right in the crease, the Oregon outback. If you love a scenic drive and have a ferocious appetite, then this dinner is for you! It’s not just about the amount of food they serve but it’s the quality of it. Get ready because you’re in for a treat! Sign up early, this trip gets rave reviews and has filled up fast in the past. Your cost includes: transportation and dinner. Please choose chicken or steak when you register. 
6/8    Th    1-9p    $95    Chicken or beef?

Thyme Garden ~ Flower Baskets & Lunch
Ok, it’s that time of year again. This is Kat’s favorite daytrip! It always sells out so sign up as soon as possible to get a spot. The Thyme Garden in Alsea, is our destination.  Create your own herb and flower hanging basket.  We will tour the grounds and see the beautiful display of gardens with over 700 varieties of herbs.  Lunch will follow. Just wait… it’s the most amazing lunch ever!! Your cost includes transportation, lunch and a beautiful hanging basket.
6/13    Tu    9:45a-4:30p    $72

Branch Road Farm ~ Tour and Lunch
Today we’re heading to this amazing farm; it’s a diversified, organic and biodynamic farm on 73 acres in the South Willamette Valley, just outside of Cottage Grove, OR. We’ll begin with a tour/presentation of the farm and then go meet and visit with the animals (sheep and pigs (plus all the babies) to chickens, and a donkey) and wrap it up with a visit to the gardens. Lunch is sure to please. Farm to table with a menu that will have you happy indeed. Your cost includes: transportation, tour and lunch. 
6/23    F    10:30a-3:30p    $45    

Willamette Queen Dinner Cruise & Fireworks
All aboard the Willamette Queen at Salem Riverfront Park in downtown Salem. Enjoy a riverboat experience reminiscent of the day when travel on the Willamette River was only by steam powered sternwheeler boats. Relive Oregon’s historical past while enjoying an incredible lunch and a relaxing leisurely voyage. Your cost includes: transportation, cruise, dinner and fireworks (if they do them this year).
7/4    Tu    5:15-10p    $95

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