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Adult Programs


Art Journaling with Melanie
Do you long to be creative but can’t decide what to do? Art journaling is a way to paint, draw, and collage your way to inner peace. Creating only for yourself, not for display, is freeing and allows you to play and follow your curiosities and imagination. You’ll be guided through a multitude of materials and techniques, both working on your book and making collage fodder.  So if creative play sounds fun to you, come join!! Participants must provide their own art journal; a sketchbook with sturdy paper is recommended such as mixed media, watercolor, or tag board. Any size is great. Instructor: Melanie Pearson is an experienced artist and art teacher that is an avid art journaler. She was even published in the Art Journaling magazine!
1/2-3/19    Tu    2-3:30p    Rm E   
Adult:$80 ID/$100 OD      Senior:/$70 ID/$90 OD

Watercolor for Beginners 
Celebrate the beauty of the natural world using watercolors!  This class for the true beginner, features all you need to know about choosing paint, palette, brushes, and paper.  Explore a variety of simple and exciting techniques unique to watercolor painting.  Your instructor will help you nurture your creative side in an environment of encouragement and self-discovery. Instructor: Jill Lauch. 
1/8-2/26    M    6:30-8:30p    Rm E
Adults: $68 ID/$85 OD       Seniors: $59 ID/$74 OD

Pen & Ink Plus Color 
Explore the world of drawing using pen and ink.  The class will cover sketching with micron pens,  drawing with dip pens and various inks, and how to add color to your drawings with watercolors and aquarelle or colored pencils. Our subjects will include everything from doodles to landscapes, people to architecture.  Expand your artistic expression with this affordable and portable artform. Instructor: Jill Lauch. 
1/11-2/29    Th    1-3p    Rm E
Adults: $68 ID/$85 OD       Seniors: $59 ID/$74 OD

Expressive Watercolor 
Taking cues from the Fauves – innovative artists who were a bridge from Impressionism to 20th Century Modern Art – this class will experiment with new ways of using color, form, and imagination to create art.  Artists such as Matisse, Derain and Braque led the way.  Exercises to get in touch with your expressive self will help overcome blocks and ignite creativity!  In an atmosphere of discovery and encouragement, let’s explore new and exciting ways of using watercolor for self-expression. Instructor: Jill Lauch. 
1/9-2/26    Tu    6:30-8:30p    Rm E
Adults: $68 ID/$85 OD       Seniors: $59 ID/$74 OD


Mosaics (Intermediate) 
In mosaics, learn to design pictures on everything from flowerpots to designer steppingstones. Choosing a base, selecting the kind of pieces you want to use, type of adhesive, breaking or cutting, arranging your pieces then grouting and sealing. In this class we will be working on some “Garden Art” projects. Some supplies are covered in class fee. Must have taken beginning mosaics class. Leader:  Cindy Sittner. 
1/2-3/19    Tu    12:30-2:30p       Kitchen 
1/4- 3/21    Th    12:30-2:30p       Kitchen 
Adult: $51 ID/$63 OD    Senior: $44 ID/$57 OD 


Belly Dance- Skills and Drills  
This is an all level Tribal/Tribal Fusion class. Learn basic Tribal and Tribal Fusion movements pulling from Middle Eastern, North African, East Indian and Flamenco cultures. 
Instructor: Candice Morgan. 
1/2- 3/19    Tu    7-8:15p    Beginning    MP 
Adult: $75 ID/$93 OD    Senior: $65 ID/$86 OD        Drop in $6 
1/4- 3/21    Th    7-8:15p    Intermediate    MP   
Adult: $75 ID/$93 OD    Senior: $65 ID/$86 OD        Drop in $6 

Argentine Tango 
Intro to Tango right from the beginning! Emphasis on posture and connection to make your transitions smooth. Learn the fundamental patterns needed to step into more elaborate movements.  
Tango Level II (Close Embrace Series) is for students who know the fundamentals and wish to keep improving. New combinations of steps will be introduced. These classes focus on Tango as the social dance seen in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Try it and transform your life.  
Held at River Road Annex, 1055 River Road. Instructor:  Marisela Rizik.  To register, email Marisela at or visit 
1/7- 3/24    Su    3-4p             Beginning - Fundamentals 
   Su    4-5p             Level II  
   Su    5-7p             Tango social fun time 
$55 a month     
$10 additional each Sunday for social time 
$15 per class drop-in 


Italian 1               
Basic Italian conversation and culture that would include a bit of grammar and vocabulary for beginners! Instructor: Sied Imani. 
1/3-3/20    W    4-6p    Room C                
Adult$102 ID/$127 OD      Senior:$89 ID/ $114 OD 

Italian 2 
Emphasis on vocabulary and grammar. Guided dialog will help improve pronunciation and increase comprehension. Italian 1 or instructor approval required. Instructor: Sied Imani. 
1/8- 3/18    M    3-5p    Rm E 
Adult: $102 ID/$127 OD    Senior: $89 ID/$114 OD 

Spanish 1/1+ 
Focus on commonly used phrases and language for the traveler.  Spanish 1 or instructor approval required. Instructor: Sied Imani. 
1/5- 3/22    F    12-2:30p    Annex 
Adult: $102 ID/$127 OD    Senior: $89 ID/$114 OD 

Spanish Club 
Practice listening, speaking, and reading using audio 
visual materials in an informal setting. Basic knowledge of Spanish is needed. Club Coordinator: Bonnie Rutledge. 
1/8- 3/18    M    10:30a-12:30p    Rm E    $5


Piano Lessons (currently FULL) 
All ages. Individual 30-minute piano lessons with experienced performer and composer Ashley Wright. 
Ongoing               W    $20 per lesson paid monthly. 

Piano or Drum Lessons
All ages: Kids and adults, all levels. Individual 30-minute piano or drum lessons with Georges Bouhey. Georges is a full-time professional musician practicing, creating, performing, and teaching in Eugene, Oregon. Georges is known throughout the region as a band leader, an ace sideman (drums or keyboards) and as a compassionate music educator. Georges blends teaching, performing, and learning into fun jam sessions and will usually play along. Lessons are available at his Studio 20 location, River Road Park, or on Zoom. Parents are encouraged to stay and enjoy the music! $35 per 30 min session, price includes 4 sessions. 
Ongoing    M-F    $140

Combo Music Jam 
All ages. The RR Student Combo is the perfect opportunity for your student musician to learn musicianship, theory, improvisation, and performance skills from a performing, professional musician. The focus is on getting everyone to play fun rock, jazz and R&B tunes together in a small ensemble (combo) setting. $35 per 30 min session, price includes 4 sessions.
Monthly     Su    4-5:30p    $140


Harmony Within: A Transformative Three-Part Journey to Healing and Thriving  
Align Renew Thrive: The Three-part series that unlocks the secrets of your body’s natural blueprint and identifies hidden misalignments wreaking havoc on your daily movements and life. Empower yourself with the wisdom of your body’s natural design. Break free from old patterns and step into a thriving life with our three-part series. Each class merges insightful learning with practical exercises to reduce stress, enhance well-being, and achieve optimal health. Unleash your potential in a journey toward vibrant living. Instructor: Melanie Carlone. 
Align       1/10, 1/17, 1/24      W    6:30-8p    Rm E    $80      
Renew     2/21, 2/28, 3/6    W    6:30-8p    Rm E    $80 
Thrive      3/13, 3/20, 3/27    W    6:30-8p    Rm E    $80 

Align/Renew/Thrive      1/10-3/27   W    6:30-8p    Rm E    $200

Urban Homesteading
Urban Homesteading is growing your own food, to whatever degree possible, in the city. This often includes scratch cooking and preserving the harvests. There are different facets and tangents you can go out on here, from vegetable gardens, to chickens, to baking the now famous sourdough bread, to living a sustainable lifestyle, but the thing all of these will have in common, is that you are doing them in a smaller urban or suburban space.
1/10-3/20    W    7-9p
Cost per class: $24 ID/$30 OD
Instructor:  Kevin Prier

1/10 - Cheese Making 
1/17 - Bread Making/Sourdough 
1/24 - Fermenting: Sauerkraut, kombucha 
1/31 - Beyond Sauerkraut
2/7 - Backyard Poultry
2/10 (Saturday, 2-4pm, at instructor’s house.) - Pruning and Grafting
2/21 - Garden Prep for Spring
2/28 - Introduction to Beekeeping
3/6 - Sausage Making
3/13 - Homemade Condiments
3/20 - Outdoor Herbals and Essential Oils

Neelam’s Traditional Indian Cooking Class 

Class #1: Participants will learn the concept of essentials of Ayurvedic Cooking, introduction to a plethora of typical Indian spices and herbs, an extensive varieties of lentils, food combinations and pairing of vegetables with lentils and grains... how layering of spices works and taste the flavors with each layering process will be an exclusive experience followed by hands on experience of cooking together an appetizer, a special gourmet cooking of one vegetable, one lentil (legume), yogurt dish and rice preparation. * This class is a pre-requisite for Neelam’s other cooking classes. Unless otherwise stated, you must take this class before you can take any of Neelam’s other classes.  
1/7    Su    11a-2p    Kitchen     $60

Class #2: In this class the participants will learn in detail about Indian breads and cooking one accompanying seasonal vegetable / special popular dish like Saag Paneer (spinach & cottage cheese) / Channa masala/ Paneer Tikka Masal/ Daal Makahani. Hands on cooking techniques will be learnt to make Indian breads like Roti, Phulka, layered paratha, stuffed paratha, naan.... gluten free options like pearl millet flour will also be available. *Must take class #1 before taking this class. 
1/14    Su    11a-2p    Kitchen    $60

Class #3: This class is all about Southern India’s most popular across the world... Fermented foods such as Idlis, Dosas, Masala Dosa. Three types of accompanying Chutneys and Dipping Soup called Sambhar that is extraordinarily flavorful.  
1/21    Su    11a-2p    Kitchen    $60

Class #4: In this class learn how to make at least two Indian desserts and enjoy them with couple of savory snacks made using healthy, digestion aiding spices. Choice of making warm or cold dessert.  Free Ayurvedic Health Quiz, personalized recipe & nondairy option recipes will be provided.  * Must take class #1 before taking this class. 
1/28    Su    11a-2p    Kitchen    $60

Herbal Tea Class: Neelam will share 6 different tea recipes and ways to make herbal teas that are not only delicious but are also healing and therapeutic. Neelam will also serve her special Indian Masala Chai with some delicious Indian savory snacks and share stories of tea and chai making in her small hometown in India as well as in Mumbai. Neelam’s active interest in Ayurveda, yoga, and herbal therapies was kindled and inspired by her mother and maternal uncle who passed away at a great age of 103 in 2020, believed in practicing a holistic, spiritual way of life.  Early in 2016 Neelam moved away from her corporate life and focused on holistic wellness, training herself to be a certified practicing herbalist, Ayurveda Counselor, yoga, and mindfulness educator. No prerequisite necessary. 
 2/4    Su    11a-2p    Kitchen    $60


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