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Adult Programs


Chinese Inkbrush Painting - Beginner 
Learn the basics of Chinese inkbrush painting and about the types of brushes, paper, and ink to use. Classes will focus on the “Four Gentlemen” – bamboo, orchid, chrysanthemum, and plum flower – as well as Chinese landscapes. Students work at their own pace. Bring your own equipment or buy inexpensive items from the instructor ($50 for complete supplies: sumi ink, brush, shuen paper and mat). Instructor: Teresa Logan Hsu. 
7/3-8/28    W    3:15-5:15p    Rm C 
Adult: $88 ID/$110 OD    Senior: $79 ID/$99 OD  

Chinese Inkbrush Painting – Intermediate 
Prior experience with Chinese inkbrush painting is required. Each student will gradually create a complex painting. Students should bring their own materials. Instructor: Teresa Logan Hsu. 
7/3-8/28    W    12-3p    Rm C 
Adult: $88 ID/$110 OD    Senior: $79 ID/$99 OD 



Mosaics (Intermediate) 
In mosaics, design pictures on everything from flowerpots to designer stepping stones. Choosing a base, selecting the kind of pieces you want to use, type of adhesive, breaking or cutting, arranging your pieces then grouting and sealing. In this class we will be working on some “Garden Art” projects. Some supplies are covered in class fee. This is a student led activity. 
7/2-8/27          Tu             1-3p       Kitchen 
Adult: $40 ID/$50 OD     Senior: $36 ID/$45 OD 
7/11-8/29           Th               1-3p       Kitchen 
Adult: $36 ID/$45 OD     Senior: $32 ID/$40 OD 


Belly Dance - Skills and Drills  
This is an all level Tribal/Tribal Fusion class. Learn basic Tribal and Tribal Fusion movements pulling from Middle Eastern, North African, East Indian and Flamenco cultures. Instructor: Candice Morgan. 
6/27-8/29    Th    6-7p            Beginning    Rm C 
Adult: $67 ID/$85 OD    Senior: $61 ID/$78 OD        
Drop in $6 
6/27-8/29    Th    7:15-8:15p    Intermediate    Rm C   
Adult: $67 ID/$85 OD    Senior: $61 ID/$78 OD        
Drop in $6 

Argentine Tango 
Intro to Tango right from the beginning! Emphasis on posture and connection to make your transitions smooth. Learn the fundamental patterns needed to step into more elaborate movements.  
Tango Level II (Close Embrace Series) is for students who know the fundamentals and wish to keep improving. New combinations of steps will be introduced. These classes focus on Tango as the social dance seen in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Try it and transform your life.  
Held at River Road Annex, 1055 River Road. Instructor:  Marisela Rizik.  To register, email Marisela at or visit 
6/30-9/1    Su    3-4p         Beginning - Fundamentals 
   Su    4-5p         Level II  
   Su    5-7p         Tango social fun time 
$55 a month     
$10 additional each Sunday for social time 
$15 per class drop-in 




Italian 1 
Italian 1 is for those with no previous knowledge of the language. Students acquire basic speaking, reading, and writing skills while learning about Italian culture. Instructor: Sied Imani. 
7/3-8/28    W    4-6p    Kitchen 
Adult: $88 ID/$110 OD    Senior: $79 ID/$99 OD 

Italian 2 
Emphasis on vocabulary and grammar. Guided dialog will help improve pronunciation and increase comprehension. Italian 1 or instructor approval required. Instructor: Sied Imani. 
7/3-8/26    M    3-5p    Kitchen 
Adult: $88 ID/$110 OD    Senior: $79 ID/$99 OD 

Spanish 1 
In Spanish 1, students will dive into learning Spanish vocabulary as spoken in Latin American countries and will learn how to use their newfound words in reading and writing. They will also learn about Spanish culture and history. Instructor: Sied Imani. 
6/28-8/30    F    2:30-5p    Annex 
Adult: $88 ID/$110 OD    Senior: $79 ID/$99 OD 

Spanish 2 
Spanish 2 continues engaging students in a functional approach to learning the Spanish language. Students they will develop the practical tools needed to increase their fluency in the Spanish language. Spanish 1 or instructor approval required. Instructor: Sied Imani. 
6/28-8/30    F    12-2:30p    Annex 
Adult: $88 ID/$110 OD    Senior: $79 ID/$99 OD 

Spanish Club 
Practice listening, speaking, and reading using audio visual materials in an informal setting. Basic knowledge of Spanish is needed. Club Coordinator: Bonnie Rutledge. 
6/27-8/29    Th    10a-12p    Rm C    $5 


Voice Overs…Now is Your Time – Virtual Only 
In what could be the most enlightening 2 hours you’ve ever spent, this class will show you how you can begin using your speaking voice for commercials, films, videos, and more. Most people go about it the wrong way. In this introductory class, you will learn about a unique, outside the box way to break into this creative, fulfilling, and potentially lucrative industry. Voice-overs can be managed on your own terms, on your own turf, in your own time, and with minimal overhead! Whether you choose to pursue voice-overs part-time or full-time, this could be the game changer you’ve been looking for.  Zoom link will be provided 72 hours prior to class.  Instructor: Lisa Foster. 
7/16    M    6-8p     Zoom 
8/20    M    6-8p    Zoom 
Session: $36 ID/$45 OD  

Hidden Gem Kayaking
Ages 14+.Join us as we tour the beautiful lakes and reservoirs of Oregon! Whether you’re mastering the basics of kayaking or honing your paddling technique, our program provides a supportive environment for adventurers of all levels. Discover the hidden gems of local waterways through our guided tours of locations like Fern Ridge Reservoir, Fall Creek Reservoir, and Cleawox Lake. 
Registration deadline is the Wednesday before each trip. Return times are estimates. Your cost includes:  kayak and paddle rental, PFD (personal flotation device), and transportation. Please bring snacks, water, sunglasses/hat, towel, change of dry clothes and sunscreen. We recommend eating an early lunch before you arrive at 1400 Lake Drive for departure. Please plan on arriving 10-15 minutes early. 
Fern Ridge     7/20     Sa    11:30a-4p        $135
Fall Creek     8/24    Sa    11:30a-4p        $135
Cleawox Lake    9/8    Su    9a-4p        $185

New Hikes near Eugene       Presentation  by William L. Sullivan

River Road Park proudly presents author and hiking guru William L. Sullivan as he takes us on a slide show tour of new and changed trails he discovered near Eugene while updating his “100 Hikes” guidebooks for Oregon. We’ll visit a viewpoint in the Thurston Hills above Springfield, a weird water tower atop Eugene’s Wild Iris Ridge, and a restored trail to a fire lookout that didn’t burn in the recent Fall Creek fire. We’ll also see how the Eugene Parks Foundation is working to fill gaps in the Ridgeline Trail in the hopes of completing a 40-mile loop around Eugene. As always, Sullivan spices his talk with anecdotes about history, wildflowers, and geology along the way.Sullivan is the author of 23 books about history, mystery, and adventure. Among his latest are “Exploring Oregon’s History” and “The Ship in the Woods,” a historical novel about the Swedish Vikings in Russia. His journal of a 1000-mile hike across Oregon, “Listening for Coyote,” was chosen by the Oregon Cultural Heritage Commission as one of Oregon’s 100 most significant books. Your cost includes: refreshments. Held at 1400 Lake Dr.
6/22    Sa    7-8:30p    $15

Bad Indians      Presentation by Deborah Miranda

Today, we are lucky to have author of Bad Indians, Deborah Miranda. Come learn about California Indian history, past and present. She will share with us what a hybrid memoir is, and how she came to write the book in that form rather than a straight narrative. The operating principles of the book are decolonization and survivance—both key concepts for all U.S. writers as we reckon with history and loss in these pandemic times. The book’s organizational principle is collage—a literary strategy that has gained greater resonance with this decade’s experiences of isolation and fragmentation. She is a local and we are lucky to be able to have her come here to educate our community. You can order her book at Heyday Books. Bring it with you and she will sign them following her presentation. Your cost includes refreshments. Held at 1400 Lake Dr.
8/10    Sa    6:30-8p    $10 Pre-sale              $15 At the door


Urban Homesteading 

W    7-9p 
Cost per class: $24 ID/$30 OD 
Instructor:  Kevin Prier
All classes meet at 1400 Lake Dr. unless otherwise noted. 

7/3 - Balms and Salves 
Learn to make a variety of skin creams, lip balms, herbal salves and tinctures for gifts or a treat for yourself. Take home some lip balm and herbal skin cream. 

7/10 - Soap Making  
Learn the basics of making bar soap from scratch. We will discuss the chemistry of saponification, properties of different base oils and local sources, and fragrance oils and other additives while we make a batch of soap. You will also learn how to make liquid soap and two forms of laundry soap. Take home a share of the soap we produce. 

7/17 - Ginger Treats  
Ginger can be used for a number of sweet or savory treats. Come cook up a batch of candied ginger, ginger syrup, ginger sugar, and pickled ginger for sushi. These all make great gifts and you can take home a share of what we make.

7/24 - Seed Saving 
Learn a variety of techniques for saving heirloom vegetable seeds for planting next year, including ideal harvest times, collection techniques, preparation/drying, and proper storage.  

8/3 - Edible Landscaping and Foraging 
Don’t just pull those weeds – eat them! Find out what native “weeds” are edible and how to prepare them. You’ll be surprised at how much food you’ve been pulling up and throwing in the yard waste. Learn about common wild foraging plants – berries, flowers, greens, roots, and common mushrooms – and their habitats. (Saturday, 2-4pm, at instructor’s house)

8/7 - Bread Making/Sourdough  
Learn how to catch, care for, and use a wild sourdough culture. We will also go over regular bread baking techniques for those who want to start simple. Over the course of this class, we will make a batch of sourdough bread while we learn about proofing, the complex biology of a vital sourdough culture, and tips and tricks to get that great artisanal style bread in your own kitchen. Take home your own small round loaf and a sourdough culture.

8/14 - Cheese Making  
We will make a fresh hard cheese to go with our picnic and learn about different hard and soft cheese cultures and processes. We will go through the entire process from cultured milk to formed cheese ready for the press. Learn where to switch up your process to end up with cream cheese, cottage cheese, and a number of hard and soft cheese variations. We will also go over how to make yogurt and ricotta. 

8/21 - Fermenting: Sauerkraut, Kombucha 
Learn sauerkraut basics as we turn a head (or several) of cabbage and some salt into sauerkraut and take home a pint to ferment and enjoy. You will also learn how to make kimchi, kombucha, vinegar, and gurken pickles. There will be kombucha SCOBY to take home for anyone who wants it. Bring a clean wide-mouth pint jar with lid or $1 to purchase from instructor.  

8/28 - Beyond Sauerkraut  
Ready to explore the world of fermentation? Learn how to make your own fermented pickles, salsa, hot sauce, a variety of fermented non-alcoholic beverages, and even corned beef. Take home a pint of giardiniera and some habanero hot sauce to finish fermenting at home. Bring a clean wide-mouth pint jar with lid or $1 to purchase from instructor.  

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