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Adult Programs

Urban Homesteading Series

W    7-9p    $20 ID/$24 OD
Instructor:  Kevin Prier

4/5 - Balms and Salves
Learn to make a variety of skin creams, lip balms, herbal salves and tinctures for gifts or a treat for yourself. Take home some lip balm and herbal skin cream.
4/12 - Soap Making 
Learn the basics of making bar soap from scratch. We will discuss the chemistry of saponification, properties of different base oils and local sources, and fragrance oils and other additives while we make a batch of soap. You will also learn how to make liquid soap and two forms of laundry soap. Take home a share of the soap we produce.
4/19 - Ginger Treats

Ginger can be used for several sweet or savory treats. Come cook up a batch of candied ginger, ginger syrup, ginger sugar, and pickled ginger for sushi. These all make great gifts, and you can take home a share of what we make.
4/26 - Aromatherapy and Essential Oils
Essential oils can have strong medicinal qualities. Learn how to use them effectively and safely in spray mists, skin creams, massage oil, and even mosquito repellent lotions or sprays. This class is based on peer-reviewed scientific evidence.

5/3 - Organic Gardening
Learn organic gardening techniques for container gardening to full-sized family gardening. Gardening basics and more advanced techniques will include starts vs. direct sowing, co-planting, beneficial insects and how to attract them, composting, soil amendments, maximizing limited space, saving seed, and winter gardening.
5/10 - Herb Gardens
Almost everyone has room for a small herb garden. Learn which herbs grow well in pots, how to keep your herbs happy and productive, and how to store them dried or frozen. We will also discuss many non-culinary uses for herbs.
5/17 - Beneficial Insects in the Garden

There is a whole host of insects out there to help your garden grow and produce. Learn about predatory flies, beetles, assassin bugs, and many other predators and pollinators and how to attract them and get them working for you. You’ll be surprised at how many there really are.

5/24 - Preserving Fruits and Vegetables: 
Canning, Freezing, Drying 
There is a lot of information out there that makes home preserving sound complicated and potentially dangerous. With a few simple precautions, it is neither of those. Learn the basics and benefits of home preserving and start eating cheaper, fresher, healthier, and more locally. We will discuss in detail proper canning techniques, including what you can and can’t process in a steam canner, blanching and freezing techniques, and drying herbs, fruits, and vegetables. We will also talk about which methods are best for a variety of foods and why. 
6/7 - Making Jam
Put summer in a jar by making your own fruit jam. Home-made can be much lower sugar than commercial, and the potential varieties are endless. We’ll make and can a batch in class from fresh local fruit and you can take a jar home for yourself.

6/10 - Edible Landscaping and Foraging
(Saturday, 2-4p, at instructor’s property)
Don’t just pull those weeds – eat them! Find out what native “weeds” are edible and how to prepare them. You’ll be surprised at how much food you’ve been pulling up and throwing in the yard waste. Learn about common wild foraging plants – berries, flowers, greens, roots, and common mushrooms – and their habitats.


Pen and Ink Plus Color
Explore the world of drawing using pen and ink.  The class will cover sketching with micron pens, drawing with dip pens and various inks, and how to add color to your drawings with watercolors and aquarelle or colored pencils.  Our subjects will include everything from doodles to landscapes, people to architecture. Expand your artistic expression with this affordable and portable artform.  Supply List included as an attachment.  Instructor: Jill Lauch.
4/13-6/1    Th    1-3p    Rm E
Adult: $57 ID/$71 OD    Senior: $50 ID/$64 OD

Celebrate Spring with Watercolor
In this beginner-friendly class we will use a variety of techniques to capture the beauty of Springtime flowers and garden scapes using the delightful medium of watercolor.  Experiment with wet into wet, spatter painting, even some pen and ink in a relaxed environment encouraging self-expression.  Families (ages 15 and older) are welcome to attend! Supply List included as an attachment.  Instructor: Jill Lauch.
4/11-5/30    Tu    6:30-8:30p    Rm E
Adult: $57 ID/$71 OD    Senior: $50 ID/$64 OD

Chinese Inkbrush Painting
Learn the basics of Chinese inkbrush painting and about the types of brushes, paper, and ink to use. Classes will focus on the “Four Gentlemen” – bamboo, orchid, chrysanthemum, and plum flower – as well as Chinese landscapes. Students work at their own pace. Bring your own equipment or buy inexpensive items from the instructor ($50 for complete supplies: sumi ink, brush, shuen paper and mat).  Instructor: Teresa Hsu.
4/5-6/7    W    12-2p    Rm E     Intermediate

Adult: $64 ID/$80 OD Senior: $56 ID/$72 OD


4/5-6/7 W 2:15-4:15p Rm E     Beginner

Adult: $64 ID/$80 OD Senior: $56 ID/$72 OD

Creating with Polymer Clay
Polymer clay, better known as Sculpey, is a medium that can be formed into an infinite range of colors, shapes, and patterns. Learn the basics of this medium through completing projects including beads, buttons, and bowls. Techniques include millefiori patterning, color blending, metal foil crackling. Get to know the work of internationally known polymer clay artists and learn how to use a wide range of resources.  Instructor will provide basic tools, equipment, and consumables (polymer clay).  Participants need to purchase their own Sculpey Premo 24-Color Sampler Pk, 1.5 lb (,, or prior to start of class.  Tool purchases are optional. Instructor: Debbie Carson.
4/13-5/4               Th    10a-1p                Rm C
Adult: $53 ID/$66 OD    Senior: $46 ID/$59 OD


Belly Dance- Skills and Drills 
This is an all level Tribal/Tribal Fusion class. Learn basic Tribal and Tribal Fusion movements pulling from Middle Eastern, North African, East Indian and Flamenco cultures. Instructor: Candice Morgan.
4/6-6/8    Th    7-8:15p   Beg./Intermediate      MP
Adult: $60 ID/70 OD    Senior: $50 ID/$60 OD       Drop in $10

Argentine Tango
Intro to Tango right from the beginning! Emphasis on posture and connection to make your transitions smooth. Learn the fundamental patterns needed to step into more elaborate movements. 

Tango Level II 
(Close Embrace Series) is for students who know the fundamentals and wish to keep improving. New combinations of steps will be introduced. These classes focus Tango as the social dance seen in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Try it and transform your life. 
Held at River Road Annex, 1055 River Road. Instructor:  Marisela Rizik.  To register, email Marisela at or visit
Su    3-4p    Beginning - fundamentals
Su    4-5p    Level II 
Su    5-7p    Tango social fun time
$55 a month    
$10 additional each Sunday for social time
$15 per class drop-in

The Art of Sign Language Dancing
In this highly aerobic exercising of body and mind, you will use American Sign Language, ballet, and some hip hop to express language in motion.  Your hands get the signs, and your feet get the beat.  You will be instructed by the innovator of this unique and exhilarating dance exercise. To view this activity, go to YouTube: The Art of Sign Language Dancing.  All ages welcome.  Instructor: Vicki Coble.
4/2-25, 5/3-31    W    3-4p    Rm C
$20 a month


Italian 2
Emphasis on vocabulary and grammar. Guided dialog will help improve pronunciation and increase comprehension. Textbook: Living Language is available for purchase from the business office. Italian 1 or instructor approval required. Instructor: Sied Imani.
4/3-6/5    M    3-5p    Rm E
Adult: $76 ID/$95 OD    Senior: $67 ID/$86 OD

Spanish 1
Beginner class. No experience necessary. Focus on commonly used phrases and language for the traveler. Textbook: Living Language is available for purchase from the business office. Instructor: Sied Imani.
4/6-6/8    Th    3-5:30p    Rm E
Adult: $76 ID/$95 OD    Senior: $67 ID/$86 OD

Spanish 1+
Focus on commonly used phrases and language for the traveler.  Textbook: Living Language is available for purchase from the business office. Spanish 1 or instructor approval required. Instructor: Sied Imani.
4/7-6/9    F    12-2:30p    Rm E
Adult: $76 ID/$95 OD    Senior: $67 ID/$86 OD

Spanish Club
Practice listening, speaking and reading using audio visual materials in an informal setting. Basic knowledge of Spanish is needed. Club Coordinator: Bonnie Rutledge.
4/6-6/8    Th    10a-12p    Rm E     $5


Voice Overs…. Now is Your Time – Virtual Only
In what could be the most enlightening 2 hours you’ve ever spent, this class will show you the best way to begin using your speaking voice for commercials, films, videos, and more. In this introductory class, you will learn about a unique, outside the box way to break into this creative, fulfilling, and potentially lucrative industry. Voice-overs can be managed on your own terms, on your own turf, in your own time, and with minimal overhead! Whether you choose to pursue voice-overs part-time or full-time, this could be the game changer you’ve been looking for. Zoom link will be provided 72 hours prior to class. Instructor: Lisa Foster.
4/20    M    6-8p    $35 ID/$45 OD
6/26    M    6-8p    $35 ID/$45 OD

River Road Reading Series – Virtual Availability
We have so much local talent! Enjoy monthly authors’ readings of poetry, fiction, non-fiction…you name it! This reading series is held at the River Road Park District Annex, 1055 River Road. Authors’ books are available for purchase and refreshments are served. To join virtually, go to the series website –  Donations gladly accepted to cover room costs. Hosts: Joan Dobbie & Erica Goss.
3/25 & 4/29    Sa    4:30-6p    Free

Indian Tea Class
Neelam will share 6 different tea recipes and ways to make herbal teas that are not only delicious but are also healing and therapeutic. Neelam will also serve her special Indian Masala Chai with some delicious Indian savory snacks and share stories of tea and chai making in her small home town in India as well as in Mumbai. Neelam’s active interest in Ayurveda, yoga, and herbal therapies was kindled and inspired by her mother and maternal uncle who is 101 and believes and practices a holistic, spiritual way of life.  Early in 2016 Neelam moved away from her corporate life and focused on holistic wellness, training herself to be a certified practicing herbalist, yoga, and mindfulness educator.
6/10    Sa    12:30-2p    $37

Neelam’s Traditional Indian Cooking Class
Neelam offers an immersive culinary experience of delicious, flavorful & nourishing healthy Indian cooking using culinary herbs & spices & cooking methods best suited for each of the seasonal vegetables & fruits, based on the ancient wisdom & Holistic Wellness Ayurveda. Over & above partaking a deliciously healthy meal together, the fun factor of each class is learning about the rich diversified cooking culture, sharing of the stories about family’s cooking traditions and much more.... All classes are vegetarian. Vegan & gluten free recipes provided.
Participants will learn the concept of essentials of Ayurvedic Cooking, introduction to a plethora of typical Indian spices & herbs, an extensive varieties of lentils, food combinations & pairing of vegetables with lentils and grains... how layering of spices works & taste the flavors with each layering process will be an exclusive experience followed by hands on experience of cooking together an appetizer, a special gourmet cooking of one vegetable, one lentil (legume), yogurt dish & rice preparation.  A complimentary Ayurvedic health quiz, 10 minutes of Mindfulness Meditation is offered in each class. Personalized recipes based on their response to the Health Quiz will be emailed to each participant. For more information and registration, contact the office at 541-688-4052 or Neelam at 541-579-4946.
5/13    Sa    11a-2p    $60


Applied Arts
Fine Arts
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