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Our 15 yard x 25 yard, indoor pool is open year round and kept at 84 degrees. There is a one-meter board, aquatic toys, water exercise equipment, easy entry ladder, and a hydraulic lift. A play pen is available upon request for use on the deck, in the dressing rooms or in the Fitness Center.

Fitness Center
Our Fitness Center is climate controlled and offers a wide variety of selectorized weight stations, free-weights and equipment for cardiovascular improvement. 

We have two in-ground spas, open year round, one covered with a canopy skylight, the other uncovered. Together they accommodate 30 people. Temperature is kept at 102-104 degrees and they are handicapped accessible.

Our sauna is a dry-heat room lined with untreated kiln-dried softwood. It is heated by igneous rocks and located in a secluded, quiet area. The sauna accommodates 6-10 persons. During COVID one person or one family is allowed at a time.

Foot Care
A nurse, trained in foot care, conducts individual care sessions. The time is used for toenail cleaning and trimming. Please bring a towel and a basin with you to your appointment. No refund for no-shows or cancellations unless we are able to fill your appointment slot. In fairness to the nurse and other clients, those who arrive more than 10 minutes later than their scheduled appointment will forfeit their spot and fee. Call to reserve. Payment due at scheduling.
By appointment Days and times vary $20


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Want a massage? 

Let one of our licensed massage technicians help relieve your of tension and introduce you to the world of total relaxation.  Our technicians offer a variety of massage and body work.  Call us to make an appointment. 541-688-4052

60 min.    $60

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