Fitness/Virtual Pass

Fitness/Virtual Pass
Our Fitness/Virtual Pass will allow you to participate in our Fitness
Pass Classes listed on this page either in person or on-line via Zoom.
The passes are good for all Fall term classes listed below. Fall term
runs from September 6 – November 19 (11 weeks). A current pass is
required to attend classes.
1-month Adult: $48 ID/$60 OD Senior: $30 ID/$48 OD
3-month Adult: $96 ID/$120 OD Senior: $84 ID/$108 OD


9/6 - 9/10   Fitness Class Open House! Try out our excellent fitness programs!


Fitness Pass Classes

Zumba Fitness
A simple yet physically challenging fun blend of fitness and dance. Easy to follow and fun to learn. Adaptable to your own fitness level. Come and dance like no one is watching. Instructor: Maribel Brigido.
9/7-12/14 MW 5:30-6:30p MP
No classes 11/21 & 23

Is it dance? Is it fitness? Is it amazing? ZUMBA® uses Latin inspired routines that are easy to follow and downright addictive to create a fitness program that will make you want to work out.
Instructor: Pamela Howells.
9/7-12/14 MW 7:30-8:30a MP
No classes 11/11 & 11/21 & 23


Zumba Gold ®
ZUMBA GOLD® is for all fitness levels. It takes the Zumba formula and modifies the moves to suit all participants. Th ere is no jumping involved. Just a fun time dancing to the Latin beat. Stay in shape and have some fun! Instructor: Elaine West.
9/7-12/14 MWF 8:30-9:30a MP
No classes 11/11 & 11/21 & 23


Body Shop
Join a personal trainer for 45 minutes of unique and challenging exercise routines. Build strength and endurance, improve flexibility and mobility. All exercises can be adapted to your current level of fitness. Instructor: Jeff Hardisty, ACSM-CPT.
9/6-12/15 TuTh 6:30-7:15a MP
9/6-12/15 TuTh 5-5:45p MP
No classes 11/22 & 24

Fit & Flex
This class is designed to focus on and increase flexibility, joint stability, balance, strength, and cardiovascular endurance. Beginners welcome. Instructor: Michie Kawada, ACE.
9/6-12/17 TuThSa 9-10a Annex No classes 11/22, 24, 26

Step It Up
This step-based class (can be done with or without the step) will improve your cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance and balance incorporating weights, bands and balls with moves that are fun and easy to follow. Work at your own pace. Wear good shoes. Instructor: Alaina McCullugh.
9/7-12/16            MWF     9:45-10:45a         Ball Court            
No classes 11/11 & 11/21, 23, 25



Personal Fitness Training
Looking for one-on-one personal training? River Road Park and Recreation District offers highly effective personal training utilizing our fully equipped fitness center and MP exercise room. Our ACSM, NASM, or ACE certified personal trainers are committed to helping people feel and move better. Each workout, including warm-up and cool down takes approximately 50-60 minutes to complete and focuses on controlled strength, balance, and movements that increase flexibility, mobility, and agility. Reach your individual health and fitness goals with personal training. To set up your initial session, contact the district office, 541-688-4052.  $45 per session

Personal Exercise & Fitness Center Orientation
Invest an hour with a certified personal trainer and realize the difference a stronger, healthier body can make.  Whether you desire to lose fat, gain strength and/or increase your cardio-respiratory endurance, our experienced trainer will design a personalized, basic exercise regime for you and show you how to effectively use the Fitness Center equipment.  Please contact the district office, 541-688-4052 to schedule your appointment today!  $45

Power Bootcamp “NEW CLASS”
Bring enthusiasm, effort, and a positive mindset to this class. Each class varies but will always offer a total body workout through circuit training, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), bodyweight exercises, resistance training, with a focus on strength development.  Energize your workouts with group exercise training. All fitness levels are welcome to attend. Virtual option unavailable. Instructor: Rhylee Cooper, ACE.
9/6-11/17    Tu    6-6:45p        Room C
   Th    6-6:45p        MP
Adult: $62 ID/$77 OD    Senior: $54 ID/$69 OD
11/29-12/15    TuTh    6-6:45p        Room C
Adult: $17 ID/$21 OD         Senior: $15 ID/$19 OD

Bones & Balance - Virtual availability
This class workout can be done from a seated or standing position. Focus is on increasing strength and flexibility, improving bone-density, balance, and finding confidence in performing activities of daily living. This class improves quality of life and independent living for many mature adults.  Instructor: Michie Kawada, ACE.
9/6-11/17    TuTh    10-11a    Annex
Adult: $62 ID/$77 OD    Senior: $54 ID/$69 OD
11/29-12/15    TuTh    10-11a    Annex
Adult: $17 ID/$21 OD         Senior: $15 ID/$19 OD


Spin Cycling “NEW CLASS”
Increase your stamina, burn calories, all while enjoying a great cardio workout. Energize your day with group exercise training. We are riding new Schwinn AC Sport Cycles in a super clean, safe, air-conditioned
environment, that includes big screen and awesome acoustics. All fitness levels are welcome to attend. Virtual option is available for those riding from their happy place. SPD cleats can be used or hard
soled shoes. Bring a towel and water bottle. Instructors: TBD.
Starts 9/6 Tu 5:45-6:45p MP
Starts 9/7 M or W 6:30-7:15a MP
Starts 9/8 Th 6-7p MP
Monthly 1 day/week:
Adult: $24 ID/$30 OD Senior: $21 ID/$27 OD


Tai Ji Quan and Qigong
A class providing both Tai Ji Quan, a Chinese Martial Art, and Qigong, a way of circulating energy in your body for health benefit. Instructors: Lin Lin Choy and Erica Anderson.
9/6-11/17 TuTh 1:30-2:30p Annex
Adult: $62 ID/$77 OD Senior: $54 ID/$69 OD
11/29-12/15 TuTh 1:30-2:30p Annex
Adult: $17 ID/$21 OD Senior: $15 ID/$19 OD
No class 11/11

Tai Chi for Body & Mind with Machiko
Basics of Tai Chi movement and its philosophy through practicing  the 42 combined form (the competition form), warm up and cool down exercises including medical qigong. Th e traditional Japanese and Chinese method will be taught for your body and mind. All levels welcome. Instructor: Machiko Shirai.
9/9-11/18 F 10-11:15a Room C
Adult: $40 ID/$ 50 OD Senior: $35 ID/$45 OD
No class 11/11
12/2-16 F 10-11:15a Room C
Adult: $11 ID/$14 OD Senior: $10 ID/$13 OD

Chen Style Tai Chi with Machiko
Practice Chen Style: Old Fram Route #1 of which instructor is a designated disciple of the Grand Chen Master Wang Xian. Silk reeling qigong and Tai Chi pushing hands for partners. Warm up and cool down exercises including medical qigong. All levels welcome. Instructor: Machiko Shirai.
9/9-11/18 F 11:30a-12:45p Room C
Adult: $40 ID/$50 OD Senior: $35 ID/$45 OD
No class 11/11
12/2-16 F 11:30a-12:45p Room C
Adult: $11 ID/$14 OD Senior: $10 ID/$13 OD

East Meets West: Tai Chi for Balance - Virtual availability
Combines movement, balance, strength, and awareness! Class blends alignment and breath work with variations on core and upper body exercises. Th is exercise program combines movement activities from evidence-based exercises or therapies aimed at promoting mental and physical health. Instructor:
Denise Thomas.
9/7-10/14 MWF 2-3p MP (6 weeks)
Adult: $50 ID/$62 OD Senior: $44 ID/$56 OD
10/17-11/18 MWF 2-3p MP (5 weeks)
No class 11/11
Adult: $42 ID/$52 OD Senior: $36 ID/$47 OD
11/28-12/16 MWF 2-3p MP
Adult: $25 ID/$31 OD Senior: $22 ID/$28 OD

Tae Kwon Do
Does not qualify as Silver & Fit/Renew Active class. AGES 10+. Tae Kwon Do is a traditional Korean martial art performed with empty hands, bare feet and a strong spirit. Students in the beginning class will learn kicking and hand techniques for self-defense, while developing their physical fitness and self-confidence. Th e intermediate class offers advanced training in sparring skills, forms, and self-defense techniques
for students wishing to advance in the belt ranking system. Th is is an excellent sport the whole family can enjoy. Instructor: John B. Camp. Held at RRPRD Annex, 1055 River Road.
Ongoing WF 5:30-6:30p Youth/Adult: Beginning
Ongoing WF 6:30-7:30p Youth/Adult: Int.


Beginning Yoga – Virtual availability
Class is slower paced and focused on finding the correct alignment for foundational and challenging poses. Come to learn and relax. You don’t need to be able to touch your toes; you just must be willing to try. Instructor: Bex Oransky.
9/6-11/17 TuTh 10:45-11:45a MP
Adult: $58 ID/$72 OD Senior: $50 ID/$65 OD
11/29-12/15 TuTh 10:45-11:45a MP
Adult: $16 ID/$20 OD Senior: $14 ID/$18 OD

Advanced Beginner – Virtual availability
A Hatha yoga class for those with some yoga experience. Focus on safely building your skills and body awareness through sequences designed to help support healthy aging, challenge your body, and
mind, and have fun doing it! Modifications offered for all bodies. Please bring your own yoga mat. Instructor: Bex Oransky.
9/6-11/17 TuTh 9:15-10:30a MP
Adult: $84 ID/$105 OD Senior: $74 ID/$95 OD
11/29-12/15 TuTh 9:15-10:30a MP

Chair Yoga - Virtual availability
Chair Yoga is a great option for those who fi nd it hard to get up and down from the floor. Yoga helps reduce pain, stretches and relaxes the body, and calms the mind. Th e poses can be adapted. Instructor: Jennifer Halse. 
9/7-11/16 MW 11a-12p MP
Adult: $58 ID/$72 OD Senior: $50 ID/$65 OD
11/28-12/14 MW 11a-12p MP
Adult: $16 ID/$20 OD Senior: $14 ID/$18 OD

Core Yoga - Virtual availability
A functional yoga class designed to support healthy, strong, and safe aging—at any age. You’ll use yoga poses (asana) to focus both body and mind on core strength and conscious breathing (pranayama). Individual classes will vary, all including warmups, exercises to stretch and strengthen the entire body, and a relaxation period (savasana). Th is is not a gentle yoga class; fit beginners are welcome. Participants must be able to get up and down from the floor easily, and props and modifications support all abilities. Instructor: Candice Kramer.
9/7-11/18 MWF 10-11:15a Annex
Adult: $111 ID/$138 OD Senior: $97 ID/$124 OD
No class 11/11
11/28-12/16 MWF 10-11:15a Annex
Adult: $30 ID/$38 OD Senior: $27 ID/$34 OD

Core Yoga for Seniors - Virtual availability
A slower paced, but no less challenging version of Core Yoga, with modifications and more frequent rest periods. Instructor: Candice Kramer.
9/7-11/18 MWF 8:30-9:45a Annex
Adult: $111 ID/$138 OD Senior: $97 ID/$124 OD
No class 11/11
11/28-12/16 MWF 8:30-9:45a Annex
Adult: $30 ID/$38 OD Senior: $27 ID/$34 OD

Gentle Yoga for Seniors – Virtual Only
A gentle form of Hatha Yoga that combines easy stretches with conscious breathing and focus within. Leave every class with a smile. Class is structured for all levels of ability. Instructor: Joan Dobbie.
9/7-11/18 MWF 8-9:15a
9/7-11/18 MWF 9:30-10:45a
Adult: $111 ID/$138 OD Senior: $97 ID/$124 OD
11/28-12/16 MWF 8-9:15a
11/28-12/16 MWF 9:30-10:45a
Adult: $30 ID/$38 OD Senior: $27 ID/$34 OD

Hatha Yoga for Women – Virtual Only
Come to renew, strengthen, relieve stress, and connect to ourselves and the world around us. Practicing Asanas (yoga postures) builds inner and outer strength, increases flexibility, strengthens the immune system, improves balance, increases energy, and calms the mind. Leave rejuvenated and relaxed.
Instructor: Megas MacDonald.
9/6-11/17 TuTh 9-10:15a
Adult: $84 ID/$105 OD Senior: $74 ID/$95 OD
11/29-12/15 TuTh 9-10:15a
Adult: $23 ID/$29 OD Senior: $20 ID/$26 OD

Yoga for Core Strength - Virtual availability
Does not qualify as Silver & Fit/Renew Active Class. Begin with a short yoga flow sequence, which warms and tones the whole body. A series of standing and floor poses are designed to increase hip flexibility and strengthen the lower back and abdominal muscles. Pelvic floor strengtheners and strengthening the arms,
shoulders and chest are emphasized. Instructor: Bex Oransky.
9/6-11/17 TuTh 6-7:15p Annex
Adult: $84 ID/$105 OD Senior: $74 ID/$95 OD
11/29-12/15 TuTh 6-7:15p Annex
Adult: $23 ID/$29 OD Senior: $20 ID/$26 OD

Pilates for Mature Adults - Virtual availability
Th e benefits of the mind/body practice of Pilates include better joint mobility, flexibility, balance, body awareness and improved posture. Includes warmup exercises focusing on strength, body alignment, balance, and cool down stretching. Bring a yoga mat, towel, and water. Instructor: Jennifer Halse.
9/7-11/16 MW 9:30-10:30a Room C
Adult: $63 ID/$79 OD Senior: $56 ID/$71 OD
11/28-12/14 MW 9:30-10:30a Room C
Adult: $16 ID/$20 OD Senior: $14 ID/$18 OD


Th is racket sport is like badminton, tennis, and racquetball. It is a simple paddle game played using a special perforated slow moving ball over a tennis-type net on a badminton sized court. Check the lobby white board for any schedule changes. Everyone will need to scan in each time you come to play. You can use the pool and fitness center with this pass. Silver & Fit/Active & Fit/ Renew Active members’ welcome.
9/10-11/26 Sa 9:30a-12p MP
10 visit pass/scan Adult: $36 Senior: $32

Step’n Out with Kathy
Designed to promote the benefits of walking and a healthy lifestyle. Walks will last one hour and will begin and end at the River Road Park Annex, 1055 River Road. Wear sturdy, comfortable walking shoes. We will walk rain or shine. Leader: Kathy Beck.
Ongoing TuTh 9:30-10:30a Free



Please join us for these all ages/all levels tennis classes at North Eugene High School. The classes will include fundamentals and strategies instruction, drills, ball machine practice, fun, and games! Weather permitting, the classes will meet Saturday mornings from 8:00-9:30am and Wednesday evenings from 7:00-8:30pm. Starting September 7th, the Wednesday evening class will go from 5:30-dark. This schedule will be in effect through October 15th. Cost will be $30 for four classes or $8 per class. To register for classes, please text/call Bob Reed at 541-543-4245 or email


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