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Tae Kwon Do
Does not qualify as Silver & Fit/Renew Active class.
AGES 10+. Tae Kwon Do is a traditional Korean martial art performed with empty hands, bare feet and a strong spirit. Students in the beginning class will learn kicking and hand techniques for self-defense, while developing their physical fitness and self-confidence. The intermediate class offers advanced training in sparring skills, forms, and self-defense techniques for students wishing to advance in the belt ranking system. This is an excellent sport the whole family can enjoy. Instructor: John B. Camp. Held at RRPRD Annex, 1055 River Road.
Ongoing    WF    5:30-6:30p    
Youth/Adult: Beginning      
Ongoing    WF    6:30-7:30p        
Youth/Adult: Intermediate   



Piano or Drum Lessons

Piano or Drum Lessons
All ages: Kids and adults, all levels. Individual 30-minute piano lessons with Georges Bouhey. Georges is a full-time professional musician practicing, creating, performing, and teaching in Eugene, Oregon. Georges is known throughout the region as a band leader, an ace sideman (drums or keyboards) and as a compassionate music educator. Georges blends teaching, performing, and learning into fun jam sessions and will usually play along. Lessons available at his Studio 20 location, River Road Park, or on Zoom. Parents are encouraged to stay and enjoy the music! $35 per class, charged monthly. Monthly cost will be $140 (4-week month) or $175 (5-week month). 
Ongoing               M-F    $35 per    30 min lesson

Combo Music Jam 
All ages welcome. The RR Student Combo is the perfect opportunity for your student musician to learn musicianship, theory, improvisation and performance skills from a performing, professional musician.  The focus is on getting everyone playing fun rock, jazz and R&B tunes together in a small ensemble (Combo) setting.  $40 per class, charged monthly.  Monthly cost will be $160 (4-week month) or $200 (5-week month).
Monthly     Su    4-5:30p        $40



Safe Sitter Class
Ages 11-13. Safe Sitter classes prepare young adolescents to be safe, nurturing babysitters. They will receive hands on training in areas such as: Child Care Essentials, Safety for the Sitter, Injury Management, Preventing Problem Behavior, and introduces Preventing Injuries and Behavior Management. Developed in 1980 by an Indianapolis pediatrician, Safe Sitter is a medically accurate program that teaches boys and girls how to handle emergencies when caring for young children. Each student will receive The Safe Sitter Babysitter’s Handbook. This class includes choking rescue but does not include CPR. Please send child with sack lunch.  Class is limited to 8 students. Instructor: Ceci O’Brien.
6/3    Sa    9a-3p    $100
8/12    Sa    9a-3p    $100

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