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Welcome to River Road Park 

and Recreation District!  



We are hiring! Interested? See what's available.

Thanks Emerald Broadband for sponsoring Live Music in the Park on Thursday evenings!

In District (ID)
You pay property taxes to the Park  District.

Out of District: (OD)
You pay property taxes to the city or county. 
If you are not sure whether you are ‘in’ or ‘out’, call us and we can check for you.

We are updating the way we distribute this Program Guide. We want you to have access to all the fun programs, activities, and events that we provide, but we also don’t want to bombard your mailbox. Those that are In District will automatically receive a physical copy of this Program Guide. If you are Out of District and would like to receive a free copy in the future, please follow the link or QR code to fill out a quick form so we know where to send it!

Upcoming Events & Activities

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