Thank you for your service!
All military veterans and active duty personnel are invited to use the facilities free of charge on 
Thursday, November 11 – Veteran’s Day.




  • Beginning immediately, River Road Park and Recreation District Aquatic/Fitness Center will discontinue the “reservation system” for the following programs:  Lap Swim;  Individual Water Exercise-Deep;  Individual Water Exercise-Shallow; Fitness Center; Big Spa and Small Spa.  NOTE:  All current Lap Swim / Individualized Water Exercise (both Shallow and Deep) reservations through Saturday, July 3 will be honored. 

  • Reservations will still need to be made for the Family Change Room.

  • The Fitness Center, Spas and Sauna will be available for “drop-in” use at any time (5:30 a.m.-8:30 p.m., M-F;  6:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m., Sat.) beginning Wednesday, June 30.

Facility Use 

• Swimmers must supply own suit and towel.
• Street shoes are not permitted on pool deck.
• Cut-offs may be worn only if hemmed and clean.
• Aqua-sock type footwear is permitted when clean and worn only inside pool.
• Shower thoroughly before entering pool/spa/sauna.
• Coast Guard approved life jackets are only permitted under direct parental supervision.
• Floatation devices such as water wings, rings, buoyancy swim suits, and inflatable toys are not permitted.
• Individuals under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs and those with disrespectful behavior will not be permitted to use the facility. 
• Bullying will not be tolerated.


Aquatic Amenities 

The 25 yard, six lane indoor pool is open year round and is kept at 84 degrees. There is a one-meter diving board, aquatic toys, water exercise equipment, kick boards, pull buoys, an easy entry ladder and an A.D.A. approved hydraulic lift. A play pen is available upon request for use in the dressing room(s) or on the deck.

Two in-ground spas are available for year-round use. One is covered by a canopy skylight. One is not. Together, the spas accommodate 30 guests. The spas are kept between 102-104 degrees and are fully accessible.

The dry-heat sauna, located in a secluded, quiet area, is lined with untreated kiln-dried cedar. The sauna accommodates 6-10 guests.

Dressing Rooms
The dressing rooms are equipped with both wet and dry toilets, accessible wet and dry toilets, sinks, lockers, showers, an accessible shower, hair dryers, a swim suit extractor, and an infant changing table. 

Family Changing Room
Changing rooms are available for families or those bringing an attendant of the opposite gender. The family changing room is available upon request and is equipped with an accessible shower, toilet, sink and changing area.

Swim Shop 
Need supplies while you are here? Goggles, swim caps, nose clips, ear plugs, infant swim diapers, shampoo & conditioner and other items are available for purchase from our pool receptionist at a reasonable cost.

Pool/Spa Rentals
Enjoy your very own Splash Bash!  River Road Pool is available for private rental. Rental parties can be arranged for any size group. Our basic Splash Bash starts at only $100 per hour (includes 2 lifeguards) and can accommodate up to 35 of your friends. Additional lifeguards will be scheduled for larger groups.

Extend the fun!  Add an hour in our Party Room for only $20. The Party Room can comfortably accommodate 25-30 of your friends. Contact Jeff Fryer, 541-461-7777 to schedule your Splash Bash! 
Payment due at time of scheduling for pool and/or party room.
Basic Rental Package    $100/hr. (Includes two lifeguards)    Additional lifeguards    $15/hr. each
Spa/Sauna Only    $50/hr. (Includes two lifeguards)    
Add the Party Room    $20/hr.




To register or sign up for any programs, please click the link above. 

You will be considered
Out of District until proof of residency is shown at the main office.


Main Office

1400 Lake Dr.

Eugene, OR 97404

M-F 8a-5p



1400 Lake Dr.

Eugene, OR 97404

M-F 6a-9p
Sa  6a-1:30p

Fitness Center

1400 Lake Dr.

M-F 6a-9p

Sa  6a-1:30p



30043 Leghorn Rd.

(Prairie Road & Leghorn)

Eugene, OR 97402


M-F 9a-12p and 1p-6p

Sat. 8:30a-12:30p


River Road Annex

1055 River Road

Holiday Hours

See each section and/or ask your instructor.