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Facility Use 

• Swimmers must supply their own suit and towel.

• Street shoes are not permitted on pool deck.

• Aqua-sock type footwear is permitted when clean and worn only inside pool and dressing room.
• Shower thoroughly before entering pool/spa/sauna.

• Coast Guard approved life jackets are only permitted under direct parental supervision.

• Floatation devices such as water wings, rings, buoyancy swimsuits, and inflatable toys are not permitted.

• No glass containers allowed in any aquatic facility. 

• No Food or Drink, other than water, allowed within the pools/spa/sauna areas/fitness center.
• Individuals under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, and those with disrespectful behavior will not be permitted to use the facility.

• We encourage a friendly environment. Profanity, vulgar remarks or disrespectful comments will result in the expulsion from the facility. Bullying will not be tolerated.

•  All guests must exit the building within 15 minutes of the last pool program.

• Adults must accompany, in the water, any non-swimmer under 46”.  Guardians are not allowed to take non-swimmers into the deep water.

• Any guest who has experienced diarrhea within the last two weeks will NOT be permitted to use the pools.

• All persons who are NOT toilet trained must wear a swim diaper.

• Guests are expected to wear an appropriate swimsuit, or clean shorts (no “cut-offs”) with an appropriately sized t-shirt.

• All wading pool guests must check in at the entry gate to the wading pool area.

• All children must be accompanied into the wading pool area by a responsible adult, 18 years or older, who ALWAYS remains inside fenced area. LIMIT four children per adult. 

• The wading pool is designated for smaller, young children - those under 46 inches tall. 

Aquatic Amenities 

The 25-yard, six lane indoor pool is open year-round and is kept at 84 degrees. There is a one-meter diving board, kick boards, pull buoys, ADA stairs, and an ADA approved hydraulic lift.

Two in-ground spas are available for year-round use, located outside of the pool in our courtyard. One is covered by a canopy skylight, the other uncovered. Together, the spas accommodate 18 guests. The spas are kept between 102-104 degrees and are fully accessible. *

The dry-heat sauna, located in a secluded, quiet area, is lined with untreated kiln-dried cedar. The sauna accommodates 8 guests. *  

*Effective June 1, 2023 children 15 years old and under will no longer be allowed to use the spa or sauna, even with parental supervision.

Dressing Rooms
The dressing rooms are equipped with ADA accessible toilets, sinks, lockers, showers, hair dryers, and an infant changing table. Children 5 years of age and older must use the same-gender dressing room or the family changing room.

Family Changing Room
A separate changing room is available for families or those bringing an aid/attendant of the opposite gender. The family changing room is available upon request and is equipped with an ADA accessible shower, toilet, sink and gender-neutral changing area. **Please limit your time to 30min when using the Family Changing Room.**

Pool Rentals

Enjoy your very own Splash Bash!  River Road Pool is available for private rentals. Our basic Splash Bash starts at only $200 per hour (includes 2 lifeguards) and can accommodate up to 35 of your friends. Additional lifeguards will be scheduled for larger groups. Payment due at time of scheduling for pool. Rentals are only available on Saturday after 3:30p and require a two week notice.
Basic Rental Package    $200/hr. (Includes two lifeguards)    
Additional lifeguards    $35/hr. each
Add a party room    $50/hr.  (set-up and clean-up must be calculated into your rental) 25 person capacity                                                           
Private Wading Pool     $200/hr. (includes 2 lifeguards / summer  only)

Contact Micah Cornelius, 541-461-7777 or to schedule your Splash Bash! 

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