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Silver & Fit / active & fit/ Renew Active  

Eligible for Silver & Fit/Renew Active? 

The Silver & Fit/Renew Active programs are for Medicare/Medicaid enrollees with supplemental coverage.  To find out if you are eligible to participate, follow these three easy steps:

Check with your Medicare/Medicaid supplemental insurance provider to see if they offer a Silver & Fit or Renew Active program.  If you qualify, ask for your fitness identification number or confirmation code.

Bring your identification number or confirmation code and photo ID to our main office to get registered.  You will receive your information packet and key fob at the time of registration.

Access to our fitness center, pool, sauna, and hot tubs is available for all participants.  In addition, you may register for a variety of classes if space is available. 

You’re ready!  Please contact our main office if you have further questions.  See you soon!

Silver & Fit/Active & Fit/Renew Active Members:

River Road Park and Recreation District would like to thank you for choosing us as your Silver & Fit/Renew Active facility. It has been an honor to serve you.


To date, over 2000 of you have registered as Silver & Fit/Renew Active members.


Silver & Fit/Renew Active Member Guidelines:

  • Members may use the pool, fitness center, spa and sauna at no cost.


  • Members may participate in Fitness Pass Classes at no cost. A list of classes can be found in our program guide and on the back of this letter.


  • All members are required to scan in with their individualized key FOB prior to participation in any class for which they are registered.


Note: Silver & Fit/Renew Active Participants only need to scan their key FOB once per day.



Not a Silver & Fit or Renew Active Member? Check with your Medicare/Medicaid supplemental insurance provider to see if they offer a fitness wellness program.  WE ONLY ACCEPT SILVER & FIT OR RENEW ACTIVE.  

Beginning in January 2022, changes were made to our  Silver & Fit / Renew Active programming. These changes have become necessary as costs to provide programming, staffing and facility maintenance continue to rise. As we continue to navigate these challenging times, we appreciate your support and understanding moving forward with these changes. 

 No Cost                                         

* Fitness Center                   
* lap swim
* water jogging
* individual water Ex
* Sauna and hot tubs
* Dance Fitness                  
* Latin Gold Fusion
* Dance Fitness                                          
* Body Shop                           
* Step it Up
* Pickleball

All other Fitness and water exercise classes will receive a 75% discount off the class fee. 



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