Gymnastics & Covid 19

  • Ages 5 and older must wear a mask in the gym at all times.

  • Parents are to drop off their child off at the door.  There are no chairs to sit on at this time.

  • Children should bring in a water bottle.  There is no public drinking fountain.

  • Children work in small groups and on stations, maintaining the six foot distancing requirement.

  • All stations are sanitized between rotations.

  • Gymnasts sanitize as they enter the gym and between rotations.

  • Children will be walked out by staff to meet parents in the breezeway after class.

  • Classes will start and finish promptly.  Due to Covid concerns we will not allow late arrivals to participate.  No exceptions.

  • The office will still be open for payment and questions but we ask that only one parent in the gym at a time to maintain six foot spacing.   We encourage everyone to pay online by signing onto their account or calling the gym office.

We are now open. call to register. 

Due to COVID 19 protocols and restrictions, there will be no on-line registration at this time. You may register by calling our office at (541) 688-8955. Once your child is placed into a class monthly payments may be made on-line.

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About the Facility

The Gymnastics Center, home of Gymnastics Northwest, has all Olympic apparatus and professional coaches to provide a complete, safe, and well-designed program. We are located at 

30043 Leghorn Road (Prairie Road & Leghorn)

• All classes run on a monthly basis and are ongoing.

• Gymnasts can be tested into any skill level with the approval of the head coach. For more information on skill level placement, call 541-688-8955.

• No accident insurance is provided for this activity.

• No refunds or credits for absenteeism or inclement weather.

• Tuition is due the first business day of every month payable to River Road Park’s Gymnastics, online or by calling 541-688-8955 and paying with a credit card.

Private Lessons

Instruction is available at any skill level on an individual basis. For details call the gym office at 541-688-8955.

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Classes with an asterisk require coaches consent.

Classes with an asterisk require coaches consent.

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Classes Available NOW

Caterpillars (Parent & Child)

Age 3 & 4. Develops mind and body coordination, balance, flexibility and self-confidence. Beginning tumbling skills will be taught, as well as simple dance movements and creative games. Maximum 5 students per instructor.

9:00-9:45a       M        $39 ID/$44 OD

9:30-10:15a   M        $39 ID/$44 OD

9:00-9:45a       T          $39 ID/$44 OD

10:00-10:45a   T          $39 ID/$44 OD

3:00-3:45p      T          $39 ID/$44 OD

3:00-3:45p      W        $39 ID/$44 OD

10:00-10:45a   Sa        $39 ID/$44 OD



Age 5. Builds a strong foundation in basic movement and locomotor skills as well as developing flexibility and coordination. Maximum 5 students per instructor.

3:45-4:30p      M        $39 ID/$44 OD

4:00-4:45p      T          $39 ID/$44 OD

4:00-4:45p      W        $39 ID/$44 OD

3:30-4:15p      Th        $39 ID/$44 OD

4:30-5:15p      Th        $39 ID/$44 OD

9:00-9:45a       Sa        $39 ID/$44 OD

11:00-11:45p  Sa        $39 ID/$44 OD



Age 5. Continue building a strong foundation in basic movement and locomotor skills as well as flexibility and coordination. Students will gain confidence while acquiring new gymnastics skills. Maximum 5 students per instructor.

5-6p      T          $39 ID/$44 OD

9:45-10:45a     Sa        $39 ID/$44 OD


Hot Shots*

Ages 5 & 6. Designed to prepare highly motivated girls for future placement on a competitive team. Workouts are centered around skill building, strength training, flexibility, and routine development. Entry to class is by taking Dragonflies and consent of instructor. Maximum 5 students per instructor.

5:00-6:00p      MW     $70 ID/$79 OD


Girls: Level 1

Ages 6-up. Gymnasts will learn beginning skills on all events. Emphasis will be on skill combination, strength and flexibility. Students will learn rolls, positions, cartwheels, and other fundamentals on all the apparatus. Maximum 8 students per instructor.

3:45-4:45p      T          $39 ID/$44 OD

5:00-6:00p      T          $39 ID/$44 OD

6:15-7:15p      T          $39 ID/$44 OD

3:45-4:45p      W        $39 ID/$44 OD

5:00-6:00p      W        $39 ID/$44 OD

3:45-4:45p      Th        $39 ID/$44 OD

5:00-6:00p      Th        $39 ID/$44 OD

11:00-12:00p  Sa        $39 ID/$44 OD

12:15-1:15p    Sa        $39 ID/$44 OD


Boys: Gymninja

Ages 6+.  This class is designed for boys who want to be active with both gymnastics elements and ninja type activities. Emphasis will be on having fun while developing strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. Maximum 8 students per instructor.

11:00-12:00p  Sa        $39 ID/$44 OD

12:15-1:15p    Sa        $39 ID/$44 OD

Girls: Level 2

Ages 6-up. Designed to increase strength and to teach advanced skills on all equipment. Class will be fast paced. Maximum 8 students per instructor.

3:45-5:00p      M        $50 ID/$55 OD

3:30-4:45p      W        $50 ID/$55 OD

6:15-7:30p      W        $50 ID/$55 OD


Girls Pre-Team*

Ages 5-up. This pre-competitive girl’s class provides a foundation for eventual team performances. Gymnasts will train advanced skills and combinations leading up to U.S.A.G routines.

5:15-6:45p      MW     $76 ID/$84 OD


Girls Team: Level 3-10*

Ages 6-up. Gymnasts will be working on U.S.A.G. routines in order to prepare for their competitive season. Call for schedule.

Level 3-10 $162 ID/$180 OD


Power Tumbling

Ages 12-up. Basic to advanced tumbling skills for cross training, cheerleading, dance teams or just for fun. Acrobatic tricks will be emphasized including: forward & backward walkovers, hand springs, aerials, round offs, back tucks and leaps. Maximum 8 students per instructor.

7:00-8:15p      M        $50 ID/$55 OD


Recreation. Enrichment. Community.


To register or sign up for any programs, please click the link above. 

You will be considered
Out of District until proof of residency is shown at the main office.


Main Office

1400 Lake Dr.

Eugene, OR 97404

M-F 7:30a-4:30p



1400 Lake Dr.

Eugene, OR 97404

M-F 5:30a-7:50p

Fitness Center

1400 Lake Dr.

M-F 6:15a-1:30p

M-F 3p-7:45p



30043 Leghorn Rd.

(Prairie Road & Leghorn)

Eugene, OR 97402


M-F 9a-12p and 1p-6p

Sat. 8:30a-12:30p


River Road Annex

1055 River Road

Holiday Hours

See each section and/or ask your instructor.


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