Wading Pool


All reservations will be by appointment only and must be prepaid.  Guests will be permitted to reserve up to two (2) visits per week.  When registering, payment needs to include ALL PERSONS entering the wading pool area - this includes counting children and adults in the check-out when paying on-line or in person.   NO REFUNDS FOR ‘NO-SHOWS’. NOTE:  There is a limit of five (5) including adult. No more than 48 people are permitted in the wading pool area. 


ALL RESERVATIONS MUST BE PRE-PAID.  NOTE:  In the event of inclement weather, admission fees will be credited to the registrant’s account.  To cancel your reservation, please call 541-688-4052.  Unfortunately, refunds or credits will not be issued for “no-shows”.




The COVID-19 virus remains present;  and, as a result, pertinent information will remain posted.  All guests are asked to review the signs / symptoms of COVID-19 when entering the Wading Pool.


The signage states:

If you are experiencing any of the follow, please stay home:

- Fever (above 100.4°)

- Cough

- Sore throat

- Shortness of breath


If you experience any of the above symptoms after you’ve made your appointment(s), please call 541-688-4052 to cancel.


Anyone who considers themselves as part of a “vulnerable population” is asked to stay home.


All Wading Pool Guests must check in at the entry gate to the Wading Pool area.


The Wading Pool is weather dependent.  If the weather is questionable, i.e., under 68°, cloudy, rainy and/or drizzly, please call 541-688-4052 to ensure the Wading Pool will be open.  NOTE:  For Saturday Wading Pool hours, the designated supervisor will contact you if the Wading Pool is unable to open due to weather.


The Wading Pool is designed for smaller, younger children – those under 54” tall.  Please be mindful and respectful of others in the Wading Pool


The wading pool is closed until next summer. 

Wading Pool Guidelines MUST be followed by all guests:


  • Parent(s)/Guardian(s) remain responsible for supervising their children.  The   on-duty lifeguards are present to reinforce established guidelines and render  aid as necessary.


  • Any guest currently experiencing, or, in the past two (2) weeks have experienced, about of diarrhea will NOT be permitted to use the Wading Pool.


  • All persons who are NOT toilet trained must wear a swim diaper.  Reusable water-wear swim diapers are permitted.


  • All children MUST be accompanied into the wading pool area by a responsible adult, 16 years of age or older, who will remain INSIDE the fenced area AT ALL TIMES.  [Please-limit four (4) children per adult.]

  • Guests are expected to wear an appropriate swim suit, or clean shorts (no  “cut-offs”) with an appropriately-sized t-shirt.                                      


  • Food or drink (excluding water in a plastic container) is prohibited in the Wading Pool.  Glass, ceramic or plastic containers that are capable of shattering are prohibited within the Wading Pool area.            


  • “Bullying” or aggressive play will not be tolerated.

  • Cell phone use prohibited.



A complete list of all of the Wading Pool Guidelines is posted within the Wading Pool area. 

Wading Pool Flier.jpg


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