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Wading Pool
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Wading Pool Guidelines

MUST be followed by all guests:


  • Parent(s)/Guardian(s) remain responsible for supervising their children.  The   on-duty lifeguards are present to reinforce established guidelines and render  aid as necessary.


  • Any guest currently experiencing, or, in the past two (2) weeks have experienced, about of diarrhea will NOT be permitted to use the Wading Pool.


  • All persons who are NOT toilet trained must wear a swim diaper.  Reusable water-wear swim diapers are permitted.


  • All children MUST be accompanied into the wading pool area by a responsible adult, 16 years of age or older, who will remain INSIDE the fenced area AT ALL TIMES.  [Please-limit four (4) children per adult.]

  • Guests are expected to wear an appropriate swim suit, or clean shorts (no  “cut-offs”) with an appropriately-sized t-shirt.                                      


  • Food or drink (excluding water in a plastic container) is prohibited in the Wading Pool.  Glass, ceramic or plastic containers that are capable of shattering are prohibited within the Wading Pool area.            


  • “Bullying” or aggressive play will not be tolerated.

  • Cell phone use prohibited.



A complete list of all of the Wading Pool Guidelines is posted within the Wading Pool area. 

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