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April 2023- San Antonio

If you haven’t done this trip, I recommend it. It’s not expensive, it’s warmer than Eugene and a really fun city to visit. The LBJ ranch was a total highlight for me and I’m sure you’ll love it too!


July 2023 - Western Canadian Rockies

This is a definite in July 2023. This is going to be an amazing trip.


October 2023 - Tuscany Italy

Collette’s #1 selling trip. Trip #1 is sold out. Trip #2 is departing on Oct. 4. It's the same trip just leaving one day later.


April 2024- Music Cities

New Orleans, Memphis and Nashville. We did this trip about 10 years ago and it remains one of my favorites. If you love music then this trip is right up your alley. Jazz, blues and country in three incredible cities. Great trip, for sure!


July 2024- Croatia

Private yacht, nothing else needs to be said, right?!!! I told a few of you about this one already. Croatia is a very popular destination especially with Europeans. I’ve heard nothing but great things, lots of history for us and our own private yacht... Can you say lifestyles of the rich and famous!!?


Other Ideas: 

European Holiday Markets

SE Asia – Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand



Washington DC

National Parks



Let me know what you’d like to see!! Your feedback is valued and appreciated!! Katrina Setzer

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