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55+This symbol indicates programs that are senior friendly.



Adult Classes


Not sure if a class is right for you?

Come try the first class for a drop-in fee. If you decide to take the class, you may register after class at the main office. The drop-in in fee will be applied to the class fee if you register within 24 hours. Drop-in fees do not apply to classes that meet only once.



The Park District offers limited financial assistance to In District patrons for classes, programs and activities. For more information contact the front office at 541-688-4052.


General InterestAdult Classes


Beginning Genealogy

Come find your lost ancestors and create your own family tree. We will begin at ground zero, do research, find family members and personalize them. You will learn how to add photos, stories, and documents to each family member. We will look at all the family history programs on the web, work on your family line. Students must have basic computer knowledge and the understanding of how to search the web and locate specific addresses. Instructor: Ron Jordan.
9/20-10/18 . . . F . . . 1:30-3p
Adult: $30 ID/$35 OD . . . Senior: $25 ID/$30 OD


New! Classic Literature Book Club

Group will meet to discuss and choose which  books to read. We will study character development, setting descriptions, plot development and historical accuracy. Members are asked to write a short review. Each person’s point of view must be respected as different points of views are interesting to share and discuss. Bring your favorite cup of tea and come join us. Book list can be picked up at the front office. Leader: Rhoda Wilcox. No class on 11/11.
9/16-12/16 . . . M . . . 1-3p
No Cost: Student must purchase their own books.


Creating a Life You Love Workshop

New class. Discover who you are, what you want, your dreams and your goals.  Angie will lead you through several exercises to look inside yourself.  You need to see who you are now and what is important to you before you can create where you want to go. You will walk away with a new vision for your life and goals to help you get there.  Workshop includes snacks, a workbook, pen and materials for creating a vision board. All you need to bring is yourself and a lunch if you don't want to go out. Instructor: Angie McNulty, Life/Financial/Leadership Coach.
10/12 . . . Sa . . . 10a-4p . . . $99 ID/$119 OD


Lane Writers Series

We have so much local talent! Enjoy monthly authors’ readings of poetry, fiction, non-fiction...you name it! This FREE reading series is held at the River Road Annex, 1055 River Road. Authors’ books are available for purchase and refreshments are served.
9/29, 10/27, 11/24, 12/29 . . . Su . . . 4:30-6p


Shouldn’t You Be Doing Voice-Overs?

You’ve heard Lisa Foster on TV and radio commercials! Now hear Lisa live as she illustrates how you could actually begin using your speaking voice for commercials, films, and videos! Most people go about it the wrong way. Lisa will show you a unique, outside the box way to cash in on one of the most lucrative full or part-time careers out there! This is a business that you can handle on your own terms, on your own turf, in your own time, and with practically no overhead! And NOW is the best time to make this happen as new companies are looking for new voices like never before. This exciting and fun class could be the game changer you’ve been looking for! Lisa Foster’s voice can be heard on commercials and narrations for such clients as: Crest Toothpaste, Olay, Café, LA Weight Loss, Advanced Laser Clinics and Sleep Train.
11/19 . . . Tu . . . 6:30-8:30p . . . $30 ID/$40 OD


New Series! Creating Green and Resilient Homes, Neighborhoods, Economy and Culture

This series of classes offer a college level look at the state of the world as it is in 2019 and what can be done to improve the situation. The classes are intended to motivate and provide practical information about moving towards green and resilient lifestyles, culture and economy, from home scale and into the community and region. The Instructor, Jan Spencer has decades of experience making presentations from coast to coast about urban land use and culture change. His 1/4 acre suburban property is a permaculture landmark in the Northwest and was the first entry on YouTube under the heading “Suburban Permaculture” nearly 20 years ago. Classes alternate weeks and will be on Tuesdays at the Rec Center. 

Class #1 will lay the foundation for the entire series of classes. We will take a critical look at economics as we know it.  We will learn about earth lifestyles and how the wisdom of the world’s great spiritual traditions point the way towards more green, resilient and peaceful homes, neighborhoods, economy and culture.  We will have a good look at the benefits to be gained.
10/1 . . . Tu . . . 6:30-8p

Class #2 will include a fascinating history of suburbia. It is a perfect example of how economics has had a profound impact on individuals, society and the natural world. Jan will show and tell his own quarter acre property as an example of how a suburban property can produce more basic needs on site such as food, water, energy, creativity, well-being and reducing the eco footprint.
10/22 . . . Tu . . . 6:30-8p


Class #3 will be a history of permaculture in Eugene’s River Road Neighborhood. Permaculture can trace its roots in River Road back to the previous century. Over the past 20 years, there have been educational events, site tours, new projects, River Road Community Organization, our very own recreation center and new collaborations to encourage the transformation of River Road towards a more green and resilient future. More than a few people have moved to River Road because they want to be a part of this emerging transformation. Expect others in the neighborhood to participate.
11/5 . . . Tu . . . 6:30-8p

Class #4 will show and tell permaculture in Eugene. There are many inspiring examples of permaculture in Eugene such as homes, eco villages, businesses and organizations. When we know more about all the good work that surrounds us, we can participate and support these projects and businesses. We might see guest speakers for Class Four.
11/12 . . . Tu . . . 6:30-8p

Class #5 will be a show and tell of social and economic transformation in the Pacific Northwest including Portland, Olympia, Corvallis, Seattle, Port Townsend and more. We will also have a look at a few locations further afield in California and elsewhere in the US. Permaculture is an emerging new language and has been a powerful tool for social and cultural transformation all of the US and the world.
12/3 . . . Tu . . . 6:30-8p

Class #6 Allies and assets. With whom and what do we have to work with for the enormous task of creating far more green and resilient homes, neighborhoods, region and the world? There are non-profits, city programs, neighborhood associations, ad hoc groups, communities of faith, businesses and more that all have a part to play in creating a more green and peaceful world. There are many members on the green and resilient team. It’s important to know who they are.
12/17 . . . Tu . . . 6:30-8p

Special Events


Thursdays in the Park

Come out and join us at Emerald Park on Thursday nights throughout the summer. We will feature a different local band each week along a food truck and Artie the Art Bus for the kids. Bring the kids and come early to enjoy all the music, food and activities. From June 27 to August 22; food starting at 5:30p with music following at 6:30p
8/15 . . . Lloyd Tolbert | Navarro
8/22 . . . Mhondoro | Foodtopia


Summer Concerts

Grab a blanket or your favorite lawn chair and join us in the park for some great entertainment as we welcome back two of Eugene’s favorite bands.

The Sugar Beets | Mon. Sep. 2 | 4-7p
The Sugar Beets help celebrate the end of summer with their foot stomping traditions of bluegrass, country and pop-inspired music. They have been entertaining audiences with original tunes and inspiring sounds for over 25 years.

Urban Homesteading 


We hope you can join us for one or more of our homesteading classes!
Cost per class: $20 ID/$23 OD
9/4-12/18 . . . W . . . 7-9p
Instructor: Kevin Prier

9/4 - Canning Basics: Dill Pickles
Dill pickles are about the easiest thing to can. We will work up a batch and learn about the equipment and techniques of canning. Take home a jar of pickles.


9/10 - Canning Basics: Salsa . . . (Tuesday)
Put the last of the tomatoes, onions, peppers, and herbs of the year together for a great home-made salsa. We will make some fresh salsa and a batch of canned salsa for everyone to take home.


9/18 - Canning Basics: Applesauce
The secret to fabulous applesauce is to use fabulous apples. With great apples, there is no need for extra sugar or any other additions. We will make and can a batch of fresh applesauce and everyone can take home a pint.


9/25 - Canning Basics: Pepper Jam
Make a sweet-spicy condiment from local Thistledown no-spray bell peppers and jalapeños. This is similar to Thai sweet pepper sauce, but you get to control the heat! Delicious on meatloaf, burgers, as part of a barbeque glaze, or in a vegetable sauté.


10/2 - Fermenting: Sauerkraut, Kombucha
Learn sauerkraut basics as we turn a head (or several) of cabbage and some salt into sauerkraut and take home a pint to ferment and enjoy. You will also learn how to make kimchi, kombucha, vinegar, and gherkin pickles. There will be kombucha SCOBY to take home for anyone who wants it.


10/9 - Beyond Sauerkraut
Learn how to make your own fermented pickles, salsa, hot sauce, a variety of fermented non-alcoholic beverages, and even corned beef. Take home a pint of giardiniera and some habanero hot sauce to finish fermenting at home. Bring a clean wide-mouth pint jar or $1 to purchase from instructor.


10/16 - Bread Making/Sourdough
Learn how to catch, care for, and use a wild sourdough culture. We will also go over regular bread baking techniques for those who want to start simple. Over the course of this class, we will make a batch of sourdough bread while we learn about proofing, the complex biology of a vital sourdough culture, and tips and tricks to get that great artisanal style bread in your own kitchen. Take home your own small round loaf and a sourdough culture.

10/23 - Cheese Making
We will make a fresh hard cheese and ricotta, and learn about different hard and soft cheese cultures and processes. We will go through the entire process from cultured milk to formed cheese ready for the press. We will also go over how to make yogurt and kefir.


11/6 - Homemade Spreads and Appetizers
Hummus, tapenade, pesto/sun-dried tomato cream cheese, and more. Get recipes and tips for customizing as we make a couple amazing and simple spreads and appetizers, including some gluten- and dairy-free options. Take home some of what we make in class.


11/13 - Chutneys and Sauces
Learn how to make a variety of small-batch chutneys, peanut sauce, and other savory condiments for Indian and other Asian foods. We’ll make a couple different ones in class and you can take home a share.


11/20 - Homemade Liqueurs
Learn how to make a variety of infused vodkas, fruit liqueurs, and herbal liqueurs. Take home a small jar of your favorite.


12/4 - Ginger Treats
Ginger can be used for a number of sweet or savory treats. Come cook up a batch of candied ginger, ginger syrup, ginger sugar, and pickled ginger for sushi. These all make great gifts and you can take home a share of what we make.


12/11 - Soap Making
Learn the basics of making cold-process (Castile) bar soap from scratch. We will discuss the chemistry of saponification, properties of different base oils and local sources, and fragrance oils and other additives while we make a batch of soap. You will also learn how to make liquid soap and two forms of laundry soap. Take home a share of the soap we produce.


12/18 - Balms and Salves
Learn to make a variety of skin creams, lip balms, herbal salves and tinctures for gifts or a treat for yourself. Take home some lip balm and herbal skin cream.


Health & Wellness


New! Essential Oils and Wellness

Winter is coming so let's get ready to combat those germs! In addition to learning some fun facts about Essential Oils for Health, we will make two DIYs! You'll go home with an Immunity Roller and a Happy Tummy Roller!  Instructor: Lisa Zisa.
10/8 . . . Tu . . . 6:15-7:30p
No Cost: Materials fee of $20.00 payable to the instructor.


New! Essential Oils Sugar and Salt Scrub

Join Lisa for a fun class making your choice of two either a Sugar or Salt Scrub. - You'll get to pick from a few different oils to rejuvenate your skin or a friend's! - These scrubs make great gifts... but you may want to keep one for yourself! We'll explore the benefits of therapeutic essential oils too! Instructor: Lisa Zisa.
12/10 . . . Tu . . . 6:15-7:30
No Cost: Materials fee of $20.00 payable to the instructor.


Intuitive Birth

A childbirth class that focuses on the mother’s (and partner’s) intuition on how, when and where to birth their baby. The class teaches with the understanding that birth is a natural, normal and physiological process, but recognizes that there are times when medical interventions may be needed. Topics include: Anatomy and physiology of birth, meditation, visualizations, positioning, other coping strategies, hormones, interventions, postpartum, emotional and family healing, growth and well-being. Instructor: Corrinne Kaleese & Kari Hagemeyer.
9/29-10/20 . . . Su  . . . 2-5p
$90 ID/ $100 OD . . . Fee includes birth partner


Hospice 101

New class. When a cure is no longer a possibility and treatments are not working, what's next? When quality of life is desired over quantity, what are the options? Come and learn about the wonderful benefits of Hospice designed to physically, emotionally and spiritually support those facing the end of their lives, as well as their family and friends.
9/20 . . . F . . . 10-11a


Hospice Pet Advocates

New class. If something happens to you, what will happen to your pet?  Join Hospice Pet Advocates for a 30 minute presentation to learn the steps you can take to insure your beloved pets are well cared for if you experience a medical emergency or can no longer care for them yourself by pre-planning.
9/23 . . . M . . . 11-11:45a


Understanding and Responding to Dementia-Related Behavior

Learn to decode behavioral messages, identify common behavior triggers, and learn strategies to help intervene with some of the most common behavioral challenges of Alzheimer’s disease.
9/27 . . . F . . . 10-11:30a


Living with Alzheimer's: For Caregivers - Early Stage

In the early stage of Alzheimer’s disease, families face new questions as they adjust. This three-part program provides practical answers to the questions that arise in the early stage.

Part 1
We look at the nature of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, acceptance and adjustment to the diagnosis, and joining with the person with Alzheimer’s disease to form a partnership.
11/1 . . . F . . . 10-11:30a (new date- starting one week later)


Part 2
We talk about working with your health care team, disclosing the diagnosis to others in your circle of friends and family, work issues and community resources.
11/8 . . . F . . . 10-11:30a (new date- starting one week later)


Part 3
We discuss the legal, financial and safety plans that you will need to make now, and we talk about the importance of making plans before you need them to prevent futre difficulties, and aobut caring for yourself in the process.
11/15 . . . F . . . 10-11:30a (new date- starting one week later)

Are you interested in joining an Alzheimer support group? If so, please get in touch with Kat (541-688-4052 or katrinas@rrpark.org)



Computer ClassesComputers

55+ classesAll classes are 55+ friendly



Instructors Carole and John Hall are semi-retired computer professionals. They develop and provide detailed, illustrated handouts for every workshop. For specific questions regarding classes please email the instructors at: pcworkshops@comcast.net. Refunds will only be given if participant gives 48 hours or more notice of cancellation.


Mac Classes: If you have a Mac laptop that’s working well, bring it to class with adapter & plug.


Windows 10 laptop: If you have a laptop that’s working well, bring it to class with adapter and plug. Limited number of Windows 10 computers available in class.


Have a Computer? Learn Computerese

When your PC, tablet, or phone acts up, can you describe or fix the problem? You may be able to if you to know how computers work and can speak “computerese”. In class you’ll get "how-to" answers to common questions & identify major functions for all these devices. (A detailed Guide to Terms & Use is included as a handout.)
9/10 . . . Tu . . . 12:30-3:30p
Adult: $21 ID/$25 OD . . . Senior: $17 ID/$21 OD


Windows 10: Learn New Changes & Solve Old Problems

Discover the new changes that can make your Windows 10 easier to use while you learn how to avoid and solve problems that plague Windows 10 users. You'll be able to better protect your privacy, deal with constant updates, remove junk apps, and deal with system hang-ups.
9/17 . . . Tu . . . 12:30-3:30p.
Adult: $21 ID/$25 OD . . . Senior: $17 ID/$21 OD


Mac Pluses & Problems

Get the most out of Mac’s features & functions and resolve its “quirks” that can cause problems. You'll discover how to organize all files (documents, pictures, music, etc.) in the same location, keep your Mac more secure, back it up to avoid loss, and add non-store apps.
9/24 . . . Tu . . . 12:30-3:30pm
Adult: $21 ID/$25 OD . . . Senior: $17 ID/$21 OD


Windows 7: What Will You Do When It's Not Safe?

Windows 7 users must select another option BEFORE the end of 2019 or risk being attacked when Microsoft no longer supports it. Check the pros and cons of the multiple options to make your best choice. Also learn how to keep your W7-PC running well until then.
10/1 . . . Tu . . . 12:30-3:30p
Adult: $21 ID/$25 OD . . . Senior: $17 ID/$21 OD


Practice with Linux: A Better PC

A free Linux operating system can be installed on most PCs, uses many current apps, needs NO virus protection, and can work as a dual OS with Windows 7, 8.1, 10 or Mac. Using a Linux PC in class you'll see how it resembles Windows & Mac & can be a good alternative for either.
10/8 . . . Tu . . . 12:30-3:30p
Adult: $21 ID/$25 OD . . . Senior: $17 ID/$21 OD


Transfer Photos to Your PC & Keep Them Safe

Would you rather NOT have to keep and edit your photos in someone's Cloud? If so, you can transfer them from a phone or tablet to any PC, find free photo editing apps to edit all your photos, and set up a backup to avoid losing any photos, even if your PC fails.
10/15 . . . Tu . . . 12:30-3:30p
Adult: $21 ID/$25 OD . . . Senior: $17 ID/$21 OD

Avoid & Remove Online & Email Scams

Attacks are everywhere on the Internet, in Email, & when using any Cloud. Protect yourself by learning how to identify and avoid scams, malware, & hijackers whenever possible. If any slip by, you'll also have methods for dealing with and/or removing these problems.
10/22 . . . Tu  . . . 12:30-3:30p
Adult: $21 ID/$25 OD . . . Senior: $17 ID/$21 OD


Selling Online: Turn Clutter into Cash

Do you have "stuff" that you'd like to sell but not sure where? Learn what’s needed to sell, what items sell best, and how to choose the best site. We’ll compare eBay, Etsy, & Craigslist. You’ll evaluate which is best for your needs & how to avoid common problems.
10/29 . . . Tu . . . 12:30-3:30p
Adult: $21 ID/$25 OD . . . Senior: $17 ID/$21 OD


Last Chance Options: Windows 7

This is a modified version of the info covered in the Oct. Windows 7 class since if you’ve not changed systems by now, your options are more limited. We’ll review remaining options & give you the pros & cons of each one since you must change systems within the next few weeks. If not, your W7 will be attacked & info stolen & used by any/every hacker in the world.
12/3 . . . Tu . . . 12:30-3:30p
Adult: $21 ID/$25 OD . . . Senior: $17 ID/$21 OD




Language ClassesLanguages

55+ classesAll classes are 55+ friendly


French - Advanced

Improve your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills based on a French novel or articles designed for native speakers. Grammar and vocabulary discussed. Instructor: Amey Herman. No class on 11/26.
9/24-12/3 . . . Tu . . . 8:30-10a
Adult: $70 ID/$85 OD . . . Senior: $55 ID/$70 OD



Italian 1

An introduction to Italian language and culture. Focus is on basic conversation skills, useful vocabulary and phrases for the traveler. Textbook: Living Language is available for purchase from the business office. Instructor: Sied Imani.
9/19-11/21 . . . Th . . . 6-8:30p
Adult: $90 ID/$105 OD . . . Senior: $75 ID/$90 OD
12/5-12/19 . . . Th . . . 6-8:30p
Adult: $28 ID/$33 OD . . . Senior: $23 ID/$28 OD


Italian 2

Emphasis on vocabulary and grammar. Guided dialog will help improve pronunciation and increase comprehension. Textbook: Living Language is available for purchase from the business office. Italian 1 or instructor approval required. Instructor: Sied Imani.
9/18-11/20 . . . W . . . 5:30-8p
Adult: $90 ID/$105 OD . . . Senior: $75 ID/$90 OD
12/4-12/18 . . . W . . . 5:30-8p
Adult: $28 ID/$33 OD . . . Senior: $23 ID/$28 OD


Spanish 1

Beginner class. No experience necessary. Focus on commonly used phrases and language for the traveler. Textbook: Living Language is available for purchase from the business office. Instructor: Sied Imani.
9/18-11/20 . . . W . . . 11:30a-2p
Adult: $90 ID/$105 OD . . . Senior: $75 ID/$90 OD
12/4-12/18 . . . W . . . 11:30a-2p
Adult: $28 ID/$33 OD . . . Senior: $23 ID/$28 OD


Spanish 1+

Focus on commonly used phrases and language for the traveler. Textbook: Living Language is available for purchase from the business office. Spanish 1 or instructor approval required. Instructor: Sied Imani.
9/18-11/20 . . . W . . . 9-11:30a
Adult: $90 ID/$105 OD . . . Senior: $75 ID/$90 OD
12/4-12/18 . . . W . . . 9-11:30a
Adult: $28 ID/$33 OD . . . Senior: $23 ID/$28 OD


Spanish Club

Practice listening, speaking and reading using audio visual materials in an informal setting. Basic knowledge of Spanish is needed. Club Coordinators: Janet Pietzold & Bonnie Rutledge.
9/12-12/19 . . . Th . . . 10:30a-12:30p . . . $5 per term



Applied Arts

55+ classesAll classes are 55+ friendly

Drop in fee for all fine art classes is $10.



Knitting & Crocheting

Learn basic knitting and crocheting techniques. Bring your own project. Individual help will be given. Bring your own crochet hook, size G or H or knitting needles, size 8 or 9, and worsted weight yarn. Instructor: Cindy Sittner. No class on 11/11.
9/9-11/25 . . . M . . . 1-3p
Adult: $30 ID/$35 OD  . . . Senior: $25 ID/$30 OD


New! Mask Making

From fun and silly to serious and dramatic. Learn how to take a simple full-face or 3/4-face, plain plastic mask and turn it into one you can customize for any event, holiday, or wearable art. Some supplies will be provided and a supply list is available at the first class. Look for the display of sample masks in our of the lobby display cases. Cost of supplies not included in the class fee.
Instructor Derna Wylde.
9/16-10/21 . . . M . . . 6:30-8:30p
Adult: $52 ID/$62 . . . Senior: $42 ID/$52 OD


Drop-in Knit and Spinning Group

Free drop in spin and knit group- beginners to advanced welcome. Bring your projects and get help from other attendees. You can come and go as you please; there will be no formal structure. If you can’t stay the whole time or make it every Saturday no problem. This is time to share and exchange ideas in a fun and friendly group. Bring spinning wheel or materials and questions. For information please contact Tamara by email at tandreas6@gmail.com. No class on 9/28 and 11/23 & 11/30.
9/14-12/21 . . . Sa . . . 11a-3p . . . No Cost


Mosaics/Garden Art - Beginning

In mosaics, learn to design pictures on everything from flower pots to designer stepping stones. Choosing a base, selecting the kind of pieces you want to use, type of adhesive, breaking or cutting, arranging your pieces then grouting and sealing. In this class we will be working on some “Garden Art” projects. Some supplies are covered in class fee. Instructor: Cindy Sittner.
9/17-11/19 . . . Tu . . . 12:30-2:30p
Adult: $50 ID/$60 OD . . . Senior: $40 ID/$50 OD


Mosaics/Garden Art - Intermediate

In mosaics, learn to design pictures on everything from flower pots to designer stepping stones. Choosing a base, selecting the kind of pieces you want to use, type of adhesive, breaking or cutting, arranging your pieces then grouting and sealing. In this class we will be working on some “Garden Art” projects. Some supplies are covered in class fee. Must have taken beginning Mosaics or have instructor approval. Instructor: Cindy Sittner.
9/19-11/21 . . . Th . . . 12:30-2:30p
Adult: $50 ID/$60 OD . . . Senior: $40 ID/$50 OD


Stained Glass: Beginning & Intermediate

Learn glass cutting, pattern design, copper foil construction, soldering, and other techniques related to stained glass. Emphasis will be on project construction with individual attention. Supplies discussed at first class. All tools are available for use in class. Instructor: Cindy Sittner.
9/18-11/20 . . . W . . . 12:30-2:30p
Adult: $50 ID/$60 OD . . . Senior: $40 ID/$50 OD



Fine Arts ClassesFine Arts

55+ classesAll classes are 55+ friendly


Chinese Inkbrush Painting

Teresa, from Taiwan, will teach beginners the basics of Chinese inkbrush painting. Students will learn about types of brushes, paper and ink. Classes will focus on the “Four Gentlemen” – bamboo, orchid, chrysanthemum and plum flower – as well as Chinese landscapes. Students may proceed at their own pace. Bring your own equipment, or buy inexpensive items from the instructor ($50 for complete supplies: sumi ink, brush, shuen paper and mat). Instructor: Teresa Hsu.
9/18-11/20 . . . W . . . 1:30-4:30p
Adult: $100 ID/$115 OD  . . . Senior: $85 ID/$100 OD
12/4-12/18 . . . W . . . 1:30-4:30p
Adult: $36 ID/$42 OD  . . . Senior: $30 ID/$36 OD


Watercolor: Beginning & Intermediate

Learn how to enjoy the art of watercolor. Carol teaches her own method of Rock & Roll in watercolor. Learn how to make watercolors vibrant and alive. If you have any watercolor supplies bring them. The instructor will do some demos and you may follow along or work on your own project. If you don’t have supplies for the first day, we have some to get you started. Instructor: Carol Fourtner.
9/10-11/19 . . . Tu . . . 9a-12p
9/10-11/19 . . . Tu . . . 1-4p
9/12-11/21 . . . Th . . . 9a-12p
9/12-11/21 . . . Th . . . 1-4p
Adult: $105 ID/$120 OD . . . Senior: $90 ID/$105 OD

12/3-12/17 . . . Tu . . . 9a-12p
12/3-12/17 . . . Tu . . . 1-4p
12/5-12/19 . . . Th . . . 9a-12p
12/5-12/19 . . . Th . . . 1-4p
Adult: $30 ID/$35 OD . . . Senior: $25 ID/$30 OD
Drop in fee: $15 Adult / $10 Senior




Ballroom Dance

55+ classesAll classes are 55+ friendly

Registration for all classes can now be made through StaverDanceSport at (541) 746-6268. View their class schedule HERE.


Dance ClassesDance


Belly Dance - Skills & Drills

This is an all level Tribal/Tribal Fusion class. Learn basic Tribal and Tribal Fusion movements pulling from Middle Eastern, North African, East Indian and Flamenco cultures.
Instructor: Candice Morgan.
9/12-11/21 . . . Th . . . 6-7p
Adult: $50 ID/60 OD . . . Senior: $40 ID/$50 OD
Drop in $6


Belly Dance- Performance Skills & Choreography

Take the skills that you have learned and polish them for performance. We will work on a choreography with those skills. Possible performance opportunities. Geared toward the student who has a thorough understanding of the basics. Focus on building a bigger vocabulary of movement and knowledge. Will include movement review, combinations, finger cymbals, veil work, costuming, and more. Instructor approval needed to take this class.  Instructor: Candice Morgan.
9/12-11/21 . . . Th . . . 7-8p
Adult: $50 ID/60 OD . . . Senior: $40 ID/$50 OD
Drop in $6


Exhale The Applesauce & Dance!

Ages 9+. It’s a radical approach to fitness: relax to work out! Easy-to-follow steps offer dance fitness in a fun, and engaging style of mindful movement that supports participants of all levels. Simple modifications to challenge your own personal fitness goals, or have fun and take it easy! Earth-grounded low-impact movements combined with breath work and posture alignment to help cultivate self-awareness, encourage mind/body coordination, improve flexibility, and develop stamina. Wear modest comfortable clothing for ease of movement. Classes include short guided sitting meditation. Be prepared to go barefoot, and bring a full-size fabric wrap to class. Instructor: Miss Kumu.
9/3 . . . T . . . 6:30-7:05p . . . Free Introductory mini-classes
9/4-9/25 . . . W . . . 6:15p-7:15p
10/2-10/23 . . . W . . . 6:15p-7:15p
11/5 . . . T . . . 6:30p-7:05p . . . Free Introductory mini-classes
11/6-11/27 . . . W . . . 6:15p-7:15p
12/4-12/18 . . . W . . . 6:15p-7:15p
Adult: $43 ID/ $48 OD . . . Youth/Senior: $38 ID/$43 OD


Beginning Line Dancing

Line dancing is good exercise for your brain, can help with balance and is low impact on your joints. Come meet new people and have fun while exercising. Wear loose, cool, clothing and shoes that will slide on the floor. No partner necessary.
Instructor: Mary Wall. No class on 10/10.
9/12-12/12 . . . Th . . . 2:30-3:15p
Adult: $48 ID/$56 OD . . . Senior: $40 ID/$48 OD


Intermediate Line Dancing

Line dancing is good exercise for your brain, can help with balance and is low impact on your joints. Come meet new people and have fun while exercising. Wear loose, cool, clothing and shoes that will slide on the floor. No partner necessary. This is a class for folks who have had beginning line dance, know the vocabulary and can learn more complex dances...or for those who have had significant dance experience and can catch on quickly. Instructor: Mary Wall. No class on 10/10.
9/12-12/12 . . . Th . . . 3:15-4p
Adult: $48 ID/$56 OD . . . Senior: $40 ID/$48 OD




Music ClassesMusic


Piano Lessons

All ages. Kids and adults, all levels. Individual 30-minute piano lessons with experienced performer and composer Ashley Wright. Lessons are customized to your musical goals and tastes, and include repertoire study, theory, sight reading, ear training and improvisation. Ashley connects from the heart with each student in a spirit of fun! Please contact the park business office at 541-688-4052 for more information.
Instructor: Ashley Wright.
Ongoing  . . . TuWTh . . . $18 ID/$20 OD per lesson/pay monthly


Violin Lessons

Ages 4+. Meet Vanessa Gallego, Vanessa has been teaching violin and viola for over 20 years. Lessons are available for children and adults, ages 4 and up, beginner to intermediate level. Lessons are built around the learning goals of the student and focus on a strong music foundation while having fun! Each lesson is 30 minutes. Please contact the park business office at 541-688-4052 or email vlgallego@gmail.com for more information.Instructor: Vanessa Gallego. No class 11/11.

Ongoing . . . M . . . 4-6p

$18 ID/$20 OD per lesson/pay monthly







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