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Adult Classes


Not sure if a class is right for you?

Come try the first class for a drop-in fee. If you decide to take the class, you may register after class at the main office. The drop-in in fee will be applied to the class fee if you register within 24 hours. Drop-in fees do not apply to classes that meet only once.



The Park District offers limited financial assistance to In District patrons for classes, programs and activities. For more information contact the front office at 541-688-4052.


General Interest ClassesGeneral Interest


Master your Emotions, Master Your Life!

Attention Professional Women- Free Workshops
You may register for these workshops either through the Park District or Marna’s website: changingpatternstherapy.com and click on the register button, or email marnacathleen@gmail.com. Instructor: Marna Cathleen, MSW

3 Steps to Manage Anxiety and Stress

Please join us to discover the three steps to understanding the cycle of anxiety, and to manage it, so that you can perform at your best and relax through the rest of your life.
2/5 . . . Tu . . . 6:30-8p


3 Keys to Empowering Boundaries

Please join us to discover strategies for setting boundaries that will increase your confidence and balance your moods so that you can be the best you at work and relax through the rest of your life.
3/4 . . . M . . . 6:30-8p


New! Beginning Genealogy

Come find your lost ancestors and create your own family tree. We will begin at ground zero, do research, find family members and personalize them. You will learn how to add photos, stories, and documents to each family member. We will look at several family history programs on the web and work on your family line. Students must have basic computer knowledge and the understanding of how to search the web and locate specific addresses. Instructor: Ron Jordan.
2/21-3/21 . . . Th . . . 6:30-8p
2/1-3/1 . . . F . . . 10-11:30a
Adult: $30 ID/$35 OD . . . Senior: $25 ID/$30 OD


Clean Out That Closet!

At times the thought of cleaning out a closet is enough to strike fear into the bravest of us.  Learn tips, tricks and techniques  to make your closet spotless in no time.  Instructor: Patricia Hillyer of Your Style Connection.
1/28 . . . M . . . 6-8p . . . $8 ID/$10 OD


How to Build or Redesign Your Wardrobe

Do you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear?  This class will help you to learn to build a core wardrobe for your lifestyle.  Discover how to edit your clothes, shop your closet, and determine what’s missing.  Feel good about the way you look and be ready to get compliments.
Instructor: Patricia Hillyer.
2/11 . . . M . . . 6-8p . . . $8 ID/$10 OD


Film and Discussion - Solutions to Homelessness

“Tony, The Movie” is  a  73 minute film following Tony Rodriguez, a smart, articulate man who is homeless in San Diego and agrees to work with filmmaker Dennis Stein to  make a documentary looking for concrete solutions to homelessness. The search involves traveling to other US cities to explore their progressive solutions to addressing homelessness, and exploring a statewide coalition effort to create solutions in San Diego. The film will be followed by a discussion of potential solutions we could pursue in Eugene. Please pre-register for this workshop so will know how many people will be attending. Sponsored by the Human Rights Commission and CALC (Community Alliance of Lane County).
2/4 . . . M . . . 5:30-7:30p . . . Free


Lane Writers Series

We have so much local talent! Enjoy monthly authors’ readings of poetry, fiction, non-fiction ... you name it! This FREE reading series is held at the River Road Annex, 1055 River Road. Authors’ books are available for purchase and refreshments are served.
1/27, 2/24, 3/24 . . . Su . . . 4:30-6p . . . Free


Pack It Up! The Essential Guide to Organized Travel. 

Anne’s McAlpin is in the house! Her packing workshop will be a fun-filled hour and will include: how to pack the perfect carry-on bag, planning your travel wardrobe, tips for women traveling solo, safety tips and more. Anne has appeared as a guest on Oprah®, CNN®, The Today Show® and PBS and today we are lucky enough to have her here at River Road Park! She makes packing fun by demonstrating an invaluable set of travel tips for any type of travel. Please rsvp so we know how many people to expect. Anne just recently returned from Ireland so if you’re going on our Britain/Ireland trip next month, come today! We’ll see you there.
2/20 . . . W . . . 2-3p . . . Free


New! Scrappy Sewing

THIS IS THE CLASS YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR! Join us for this two part class as we play with fabric scraps and use decorative stitching to create a lovely “Happy Camper” postcard. The end result is so cute, you’ll want to send to a friend or just keep it for yourself. Scraps and other supplies will be provided.  Bring your sewing machine, personal embellishments, fabric scraps, and whatever else you would like to add to your own postcard.  The “Happy Camper” pattern will be provided as well.  You can then take the pattern home and make more. Come on over and let’s get scrappy!
Instructor: Meisha Linwood.
2/2 and 2/9 . . . Sa . . . 1-3p . . . $20 ID/$25 OD



Integrating local, seasonal produce into our daily cooking is good for us and for our planet. Many of us store our garden produce or buy it from local farmers that we want to use in interesting, delicious ways. This collaborative three-part course will explore how to use winter produce in flavorful, interesting dishes. Samples served at each meeting. Adaptable for vegan, vegetarian or omnivore diets. 


Cooking with Seasonal Produce - Winter Series

2/16-3/2  . . . Sa . . . 11a-12:30p
Cost per class: $5 . . . Instructor: Ali Litts.

2/16 - Creating Local Cuisine with Our Seasonal Produce
We will discuss the significance of using local, seasonal produce in terms of health, community and environment.  We will also learn how seasonal cooking gives joy and connection to our locality.  We’ll explore types of local seasonal produce available in winter and categories of produce for mixing and matching.


2/23 - Using Base Foods / Integrate Seasonal Produce
We will learn how using one base food, such as a pot of cooked dry beans, in a  variety of ways that can help us learn to integrate seasonal produce. We will learn how to cook a great pot of beans and then, how to weave in the seasonal produce with bean dishes using ideas from various cultures.


3/2 - Wonderful World of Seasonally Adaptive Dishes
Cultures throughout history have developed certain dishes adaptable to produce seasonally available in their area.  These dishes include minestrone, stir fry, gratins, tacos, pastas and many more.  We will discuss the basic forms of some of these dishes with variations using winter seasonal produce. Information will be provided for further learning and local sources of seasonal produce.

OSU Extension


Tree Fruits, Small Fruits & Grape Pruning Workshop

Get ready for spring. This workshop instructed by a Master Gardener will cover proper pruning equipment, important pruning principle and best time to prune. Learn different pruning cuts and pruning techniques that will speed up your pruning. This is an indoor lecture with the use of a variety of plant materials for the demonstration. Handout materials will be provided. Instructor: OSU Extension Service Master Gardener.
1/22 . . . Tu . . . 10a-12p
Suggested Donation: $10 pay at the door.


Rose Pruning Workshop

Get ready to smell the roses. This afternoon workshop instructed by an OSU Extension Service Master Gardener will cover the best time to prune roses, proper pruning equipment, and important pruning principles for pruning hybrid tea, floribunda, shrub and climbing roses. This is an indoor lecture with a demonstration on a potted rose. Handout materials will be provided.  Instructor: OSU Extension Service Master Gardener.
2/5 . . . Tu . . . 10a-12p
Suggested Donation:  $10 pay at the door


Urban Homesteading 


We hope you can join us for one or more of our homesteading classes!
1/9-3/20  . . . W  . . . 7-9p
Cost per class: $20 ID/$23 OD    Instructor: Kevin Prier


Fermentation Series

Adding a variety of fermented foods to your diet is a tasty way to improve your diet and your health. You can learn how to make a batch of sauerkraut in less than an hour, produce a loaf of delicious sourdough bread, and save money by making your own cream cheese, hard cheese, or ricotta.


1/9 - Cheese Making

We will make a fresh hard cheese and ricotta, and learn about different hard and soft cheese cultures and processes. We will go through the entire process from cultured milk to formed cheese ready for the press. We will also go over how to make yogurt and kefir.

1/16 - Bread Making/Sourdough

Learn how to catch, care for, and use a wild sourdough culture. We will also go over regular bread baking techniques for those who want to start simple. Over the course of this class, we will make a batch of sourdough bread while we learn about proofing, the complex biology of a vital sourdough culture, and tips and tricks to get that great artisanal style bread in your own kitchen. Take home your own small round loaf and a sourdough culture.

1/23 - Fermenting: Sauerkraut, Kombucha

Learn sauerkraut basics as we turn a head (or several) of cabbage and some salt into sauerkraut and take home a pint to ferment and enjoy. You will also learn how to make kimchi, kombucha, vinegar, and gurken pickles. There will be kombucha SCOBY to take home for anyone who wants it.

1/30 - Beyond Sauerkraut
Ready to explore the world of fermentation? Learn how to make your own fermented pickles, salsa, hot sauce, a variety of fermented non-alcoholic beverages, and even corned beef. Take home a pint of giardiniera and some habanero hot sauce to finish fermenting at home. Bring a clean wide-mouth pint jar or $1 to purchase from instructor.

Garden Series

Time to start planning for spring! Get your garden beds ready for early planting, increase your yard’s production with a bee hive and a few chickens, add to fruit trees by grafting on new varieties, and put in some culinary and basic medicinal herbs.

2/3 (SUNDAY 2-4p) - Pruning and Grafting
Learn how to prune fruit trees and grapes for form and productivity – thinning, recognizing fruiting spurs, and directing growth patterns. Learn how to graft new varieties onto existing trees or rootstock in time to take advantage of the free fruit grafting material from Eugene’s annual Propagation Fair in March. Class is at instructor's house. Address provided with registration.

2/13 - Backyard Poultry
Nothing beats a fresh backyard egg. Learn how to raise egg-laying chickens and ducks – breeds, feed, housing, and safeguards against predators and disease. Get a small coop or chicken tractor ready for spring hatching season.

2/20 - Garden Prep for Spring
Get your garden ready for an early planting of peas and start your tomato seeds inside so they are ready when the weather warms up. Gardening basics and more advanced techniques will include starts vs. direct sowing, co-planting, beneficial insects and how to attract them, composting, soil amendments, and maximizing limited space. Free seeds included with class.

2/27 - Introduction to Beekeeping
A productive bee hive can produce up to five gallons of honey a year. Learn beekeeping basics – equipment, supplies, sources, and techniques – before you commit to your own hives. Learn about current issues with beekeeping, local laws, common diseases and pests and their treatment options. Local package bees arrive in early April.

Kitchen Series

Developing your own signature condiments, sausages, and chutneys is remarkably easy and satisfying.

3/6 - Homemade Condiments
Make your next picnic amazing with your own home-made condiments. Learn how to make mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, and relish, and how to tailor each recipe to make your own signature versions. Bring three small containers to take home a share of what we make in class.

3/13 - Sausage Making
If you love sausages but hate what goes into the ones from the grocery store, you can learn how to make your own from whole ingredients. Develop your own spice mix so your sausage is as mild or spicy as you like.

3/20 - Chutneys and More
Help make three varieties of chutney – sweet, mild, and spicy – and take home a share, and learn the basics for modifying existing recipes or creating your own personal brand. Bring three small containers if possible.


Health & Wellness


Comprehensive Essential Oils

This course acts as a comprehensive introduction to essential oils and their uses in a variety of ways.  Topics that will be covered in class include:
Week 1: Basics of essential oils – usage, qualities, benefits home remedies and more.
Week 2: How to safely use oils with children from newborn on up.
Week 3: Cooking with essential oils and Do it Yourself projects.
Week 4: Wrap up with question and answer sessions and ways to get oils cheaper.
$35 fee for materials and introductory starter kit are payable to instructor at first class. Instructor: Theresa Murray.
2/12-3/5 . . . Tu . . . 6:30-8:30p . . . Free  


It’s Going to be Ok!

A Support Group for Women in Chronic Pain
Chronic pain is a life changer. When you can’t do what you used to be able to do things can be frustrating, depressing and lonely. Pain can rob you of energy and the enthusiasm to live a fulfilling life. It’s possible to redesign a life that is joyful and meaningful. With the support of women who understand each other’s struggles we will go beyond pain management to focus on how to live an enjoyable life. You will gain strength and hope while learning ways to find inspiration in spite of everyday difficulties. Every class will include a lesson in techniques for peace of mind and relaxation. You’re not alone. Come join us and find hope, joy and inspiration.
Instructor: Carol Rivendell, M.A., M.Ed
1/15 . . . Tu . . . 12:30-2:30p . . . Free Intro
1/22-2/26  . . . Tu . . . 12:30-2:30p . . . $50 ID/$60 OD


Snap Out of It! Get out of your Rut and Into Your Groove.

Three ways to beat the winter blues:

How to think “Up” when you feel “Down”.
Ways to feel better about yourself and others.
Create your own “action plan” to help you get back in the groove and stay there.

Handout provided. Instructor: Carol Rivendell, M.A. in Counseling. Carol has been teach workshops for over 40 years. She makes her presentations fun as well as informative and life changing.
2/7 . . . Th . . . 6-8p . . . Free
2/27 . . . W . . . 1-3p . . . Free


Intuitive Birth

A childbirth class that focuses on the mother’s (and partner’s) intuition on how, when and where to birth their baby. The class teaches with the understanding that birth is a natural, normal and physiological process, but recognizes that there are times when medical interventions may be needed. Topics include: Anatomy and physiology of birth, meditation, visualizations, positioning, other coping strategies, hormones, interventions, postpartum, emotional and family healing, growth and well being. Instructor: Corrinne Kaleese & Kari Hagemeyer.
1/6-1/27  . . . Su  . . . 2-5p
$115 ID/ $130 OD . . . Fee includes birth partner


Living with Alzheimer’s: For Caregivers - Late Stage

In the late stage of Alzheimer’s disease, caregiving typically involves new ways of connecting and interacting with the person living with Alzheimers. In this two-part series, held back to back on the same day, you’ll hear from caregivers and professionals about resources, monitoring care and ways to engage in meaningful connections. Instructor: Abby Gershenzon.
1/11 . . . F . . . 10a-1p . . . Free


Hospice 101

When a cure is no longer a possibility and treatments are not working, what’s next? When quality of life is desired over quantity, what are the options? Come and learn about the wonderful benefits of Hospice designed to physically, emotionally and spiritually support those facing the end of their lives, as well as their family and friends.
3/6 . . . W . . . 2-3p . . . Free




Computer ClassesComputers

55+ classesAll classes are 55+ friendly

Instructors Carole and John Hall are semi-retired computer professionals. They develop and provide detailed, illustrated handouts for every workshop. For specific questions regarding classes please email the instructors at: pcworkshops@comcast.net. Refunds will only be given if participant gives 48 hours or more notice of cancellation.


Mac Classes: If you have a Mac laptop that’s working well, bring it to class with adapter & plug.


Windows classes: Limited Windows 10s are available in class. If you have a Windows 10 laptop that’s working well, bring it to class with adapter and plug.


Computers: Learn the Language! 

You cannot effectively use any computer device if you do not know its terms/language. In this class you not only learn terms, but get “how-to” answers to common questions. You’ll also identify major functions for any computer, including phones and tablets. (A detailed Guide to Terms and Use is included as a handout.)
1/10 . . . Th . . . 12:30-3:30p
Adult: $21 ID/$25 OD . . . Senior: $17 ID/$21 OD


Windows Q & A

Using a question/answer format, you’ll find answers on how to avoid and solve the main problems that plague Windows 10 users. You’ll learn how to better protect your privacy, identify and use new functions and remove “junk” apps to better deal with security and system hangups.
1/17 . . . Th . . . 12:30-3:30p
Adult: $21 ID/$25 OD . . . Senior: $17 ID/$21 OD


Mac Q & A

Using a question/answer format you’ll learn how to get the most out of Mac’s functions and solve its “quirks” that can cause problems. You’ll learn how to keep your Mac more secure, back it up, and add any Apps you want, even those not in the App Store.
1/24 . . . Th . . . 12:30-3:30p
Adult: $21 ID/$25 OD . . . Senior: $17 ID/$21 OD


Transfer Photos to Windows and Organize Everything

Would you like to keep, organize, and find everything in your PC? You’ll learn how to transfer photos from your phone or tablet, then organize everything in Windows. You’ll also use cut/copy/paste, flash drives, and memory cards to save info.
1/31 . . .  Th . . . 12:30-3:30p
Adult: $21 ID/$25 OD . . . Senior: $17 ID/$21 OD


Transfer Photos to Mac and Organize Everything

Would you like to keep, organize, and find everything in your Mac? You’ll learn how to transfer photos from your phone or tablet then organize everything in your Mac. You’ll also use cut/copy/paste, flash drives, and memory cards to save info.
2/7 . . . Th . . . 12:30-3:30p
Adult: $21 ID/$25 OD . . . Senior: $17 ID/$21 OD


Avoid and Solve Online Privacy Issues

(Applies to all Computers, Phones, Tablets) Your privacy online is an increasing problem. Attacks are everywhere on the Internet and in email. Learn to protect yourself by identifying and avoiding attacks and removing any that slip in.
2/14 . . . Th . . . 12:30-3:30p
Adult: $21 ID/$25 OD . . . Senior: $17 ID/$21 OD


Windows 7: You Still Have Options!

Windows 7 users need to select another option BEFORE the end of this year or risk security problems when Microsoft no longer supports it. Check the pros and cons of the multiple options to make your best choice. Also learn how to keep your W7-PC running well until then.
2/21 . . . Th . . . 12:30-3:30p
Adult: $21 ID/$25 OD . . . Senior: $17 ID/$21 OD


Linux: The Better PC Option

A free desktop Linux OS can be installed on almost any computer, runs many current programs, and can work as a dual OS with Windows 7, 8.1, or even XP.  Using a Linux PC, we’ll show how its functions closely resemble Windows and can be a viable alternative to Mac or Windows 10.
2/28 . . .  Th . . . 12:30-3:30p
Adult: $21 ID/$25 OD . . . Senior: $17 ID/$21 OD


Get the Most Out of Your Android Phone/Tablet

Android is used in all smartphones and tablets except for those from Apple.  Discover Android tablet features and functions, learn set up, how to increase memory and use WiFi. You’ll also evaluate apps and widgets, transfer photos to computers, and find help sites.
3/7 . . . Th . . . 12:30-3:30p
Adult: $21 ID/$25 OD . . . Senior: $17 ID/$21 OD


Take Better Vacation Photos

Do you want to take the best possible photos with any camera when traveling or with family and friends? We’ll help you find the best settings while you practice taking and analyzing photos. You also discover good solutions for common photographic problems. (Bring your digital camera, phone, or tablet to class, ready to use with its instruction manual).
3/14 . . . Th . . . 12:30-3:30p
Adult: $21 ID/$25 OD . . . Senior: $17 ID/$21 OD




Digital Cameras


Check for classes in our Spring schedule!



Language ClassesLanguages

55+ classesAll classes are 55+ friendly


French - Advanced

Improve your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills based on a French novel or articles designed for native speakers. Grammar and vocabulary discussed. Instructor: Amey Herman.
1/8-3/12 . . . Tu . . . 8:30-10a
Adult: $70 ID/$85 OD . . . Senior: $55 ID/$70 OD


Italian 1

An introduction to Italian language and culture. Focus is on basic conversation skills, useful vocabulary and phrases for the traveler. Textbook Living Language is available for purchase from the business office. Instructor: Sied Imani.
1/10-3/14 . . . Th . . . 6-8:30p
Adult: $90 ID/$105 OD . . . Senior: $75 ID/$90 OD


Italian 2

Emphasis on vocabulary and grammar. Guided dialog will help improve pronunciation and increase comprehension. Textbook: Textbook Living Language is available for purchase from the business office. Beginning Italian or instructor approval required. Instructor: Sied Imani.
1/9-3/13 . . . W . . . 6-8:30p
Adult: $90 ID/$105 OD  . . . Senior: $75 ID/$90 OD


Spanish 1

Beginners class. No experience necessary. Focus on commonly used phrases and language for the traveler. Textbook: Living Language is available for purchase from the business office. Instructor: Sied Imani.
1/8-3/12 . . . Th . . . 9-11:30a
1/9-3/13 . . . W  . . . 11:30a-2p
Adult: $90 ID/$105 OD . . . Senior: $75 ID/$90 OD


Spanish 1+

Focus on commonly used phrases and language for the traveler. Textbook Living Language is available for purchase from the business office. Spanish 1 or instructor approval required. Instructor: Sied Imani.
1/9-3/13 . . . W . . . 9-11:30a
Adult: $90 ID/$105 OD  . . . Senior: $75 ID/$90 OD


Spanish 2+

Continuation of beginning Spanish, with an emphasis on vocabulary and grammar. Guided dialog to improve pronunciation and increase comprehension. Textbook Living Language is available for purchase from the business office. Spanish I or instructor approval required. Instructor: Sied Imani.
1/10-3/14 . . . Th . . . 11:30a-2 p
Adult: $90 ID/$105 OD . . . Senior: $75 ID/$90 OD


Spanish Club

Practice listening, speaking and reading using audio visual materials in an informal setting. Basic knowledge of Spanish is needed. Club Coordinators: Janet Pietzold & Bonnie Rutledge.
1/8-3/20 . . . Tu . . . 10:30a-12:30p . . . $5 per term



Applied Arts

55+ classesAll classes are 55+ friendly

Drop in fee for all fine art classes is $10.



Knitting & Crocheting

Learn basic knitting and crocheting techniques. Bring your own project. Individual help will be given. Bring your own crochet hook, size G or H or knitting needles, size 8 or 9, and worsted weight yarn. Instructor: Cindy Sittner.
1/14-3/18 . . . M . . . 1-3p
Adult: $22 ID/$27 OD . . . Senior: $17 ID/$22 OD


Drop-in Knit and Spinning Group

Free drop in spin and knit group- beginners to advanced welcome. Bring your projects and get help from other attendees. You can come and go as you please; there will be no formal structure. If you can’t stay the whole time or make it every Saturday no problem. This is time to share and exchange ideas in a fun and friendly group. Bring spinning wheel or materials and questions. For information please contact Tamara by email at tandreas6@gmail.com. No class on 1/26.
1/12-3/16 . . . Sa . . . 11a-3p . . .  Free


Mosaics/Garden Art

In mosaics, learn to design pictures on everything from flower pots to designer stepping stones. Choosing a base, selecting the kind of pieces you want to use, type of adhesive, breaking or cutting, arranging your pieces then grouting and sealing. In this class we will be working on some “Garden Art” projects. Some supplies are covered in class fee. Instructor: Cindy Sittner.
1/8-3/12 . . . Tu . . . 12:30-2:30p
1/10-3/14 . . . Th . . . 12:30-2:30p
Adult: $50 ID/$60 OD . . . Senior: $40 ID/$50 OD


Stained Glass: Beginning & Intermediate

Learn glass cutting, pattern design, copper foil construction, soldering, and other techniques related to stained glass. Emphasis will be on project construction with individual attention. Supplies discussed at first class. All tools are available for use in class. Instructor: Cindy Sittner.
1/9-3/13 . . . W . . . 12:30-2:30p
Adult: $50 ID/$60 OD Senior: $40 ID/$50 OD




Fine Arts ClassesFine Arts

55+ classesAll classes are 55+ friendly


Chinese Inkbrush Painting

Teresa, from Taiwan, will teach beginners the basics of Chinese inkbrush painting. Students will learn about types of brushes, paper and ink. Classes will focus on the “Four Gentlemen” – bamboo, orchid, chrysanthemum and plum flower – as well as Chinese landscapes. Students may proceed at their own pace. Bring your own equipment, or buy inexpensive items from the teacher ($50 for complete supplies: sumi ink, brush, shuen paper and mat). Instructor: Teresa Hsu.
1/9-3/13 . . . W . . . 1-4p
Adult: $95 ID/$110 OD . . . Senior: $80 ID/$95 OD


Painting with Passion: Open Studio

Come explore painting and communicating what the eye sees on the canvas. Continue to paint like yourself and find your own style, taking risks as we work thru techniques, color and creativity. Bring references and materials. There will be demos and critiques. Supply list for newcomers at first class.
Instructor: Lynzie Kronhein.
1/7-3/11 . . . M . . . 10a-1p
Adult: $100 ID/$115 OD . . . Senior: $85 ID/$100 OD


Watercolor: Beginning & Intermediate

Learn how to enjoy the art of watercolor. Carol teaches her own method of Rock & Roll in watercolor. Learn how to make watercolors vibrant and alive. If you have any watercolor sup-plies bring them. The instructor will do some demos and you may follow along or work on your own project. If you don’t have supplies for the first day, we have some to get you started. Instructor: Carol Fourtner.
1/8-3/12 . . . Tu . . . 9a-12p
1/8-3/12 . . . Tu . . . 1-4p
1/10-3/14 . . . Th . . . 9a-12p
1/10-3/14 . . . Th . . . 1-4p
Adult: $100 ID/$115 OD . . . Senior: $85 ID/$100 OD
Drop in fee: $15 Adult / $10 Senior



Ballroom Dance

55+ classesAll classes are 55+ friendly

Registration for all classes can now be made through StaverDanceSport at (541) 746-6268. View their class schedule HERE.


Dance ClassesDance


Belly Dance: Beginning

Learn the art of belly dance in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Class will cover basic movements, isolations and cultural/historical aspects. An enjoyable way to improve your grace, flexibility, and muscle tone. Instructor: Candice Morgan.
1/10-3/14 . . . Th . . . 6:30-7:30p
Adult: $55 ID/$65 OD . . . Senior: $45 ID/$55 OD


Belly Dance: Intermediate

Geared toward the student who has a thorough understanding of the basics. Focus on building a bigger vocabulary of movement and knowledge. Will include movement review, combinations, finger cymbals, veil work, costuming, and more. Instructor approval needed to take this class. Instructor: Candice Morgan.
1/10-3/14 . . . Th . . . 7:30-8:30p
Adult: $55 ID/$65 OD . . . Senior: $45 ID/$55 OD


Hawaiian Hula Basics: All-Levels

Ages 12+. Discover the joy of hula! This dance class offers hula in a fun and engaging fitness style that supports participants of all skill levels, from the novice to intermediate. A great supplement to your healthy lifestyle towards better health, as you engage in low-impact movements using core muscles, and breath to improve coordination, flexibility, and whole body wellness. No experience necessary. Wear modest, comfortable clothing you can move freely in. No swimsuits please. Be prepared to dance barefoot, and bring a sarong wrap to wear. Aloha! Instructor: Miss Iwalani.
1/9-1/30 . . . W . . . 6:15-7:15p
2/6-2/27 . . . W . . . 6:15-7:15p
3/6-3/27 . . . W . . . 6:15-7:15p
Adult: $43 ID/ $48 OD  . . . Youth/Senior: $38 ID/$43 OD


Beginning Line Dancing

Line dancing is good exercise for your brain, can help with balance and is low impact on your joints. Come meet new people and have fun while exercising. Wear loose, cool, clothing and shoes that will slide on the floor. No partner necessary. Instructor: Mary Wall.
1/10-3/14 . . . Th 2:30-3:15p
Adult: $43 ID/$50 OD . . . Senior: $36 ID/$43 OD


Intermediate Line Dancing

Line dancing is good exercise for your brain, can help with balance and is low impact on your joints. Come meet new people and have fun while exercising. Wear loose, cool, clothing and shoes that will slide on the floor. No partner necessary. This is a class for folks who have had beginning line dance, know the vocabulary and can learn more complex dances...or for those who have had significant dance experience and think that they can catch on quickly. Instructor: Mary Wall.
1/10-3/14 . . . Th . . . 3:15-4p
Adult: $43 ID/$50 OD . . . Senior: $36 ID/$43 OD




Music ClassesMusic


Acoustic Jam Session

Join us for a drop in acoustic string jam session (guitar, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, base fiddle, ukulele, etc). All levels welcome. For questions, please call Leslie 541-521-5601. Held at River Road Annex, 1055 River Road.
12/91/13 & 27, 2/10 & 24, 3/10 & 24 . . . Su . . . 12-2:30p
$5 per term


Guitar / Voice

Ages 10+. Melody Joy Jackson has been teaching music since 1999 and absolutely loves it! Melody offers guitar and voice lessons teaching fundamentals as well as practical application in music. Her teaching approach is based on her students learning style and interests. Melody has been giving private lessons and directing music programs on the Oregon Coast for many years and has now relocated to Eugene. Lessons are offered once per week and scheduled through the instructor on a monthly base. To schedule a lesson, contact Melody Joy at 541-264-0610 or by email at melodyjoyjackson@gmail.com. Fees are due in full at the beginning of the month. Please stop by or call the Park District Office at (541) 688-4052 to pay for your lessons once you have scheduled them with the instructor. Make up lessons may be rescheduled with the instructor. No refunds for missed lessons.
Ongoing M . . . 5:30-8p
1/2 hour lesson: $20
45 min. lesson: $30
1 hour lesson: $35



All ages. A lifelong musician, Ashley Wright has studied music at the U of O, and now performs with local ensembles Samba Ja and The Beat Crunchers on percussion, keyboards and saxophone. Her experience includes private piano lessons, codirecting Samba Ja, and tutoring music theory at LCC. Ashley’s motivation for playing music is to have fun. Weekly half-hour private lessons. Please call our office at 541-688-4052 for
Ashley’s contact info to determine lesson availability.
Ongoing TuWTh
½ hour lesson: $18 ID/$20 OD







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